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I am a freelance writer in Michigan; and have written for a few local newspapers such as The Oakland Press for many years. In addition, I write personal sentiments for others as I receive requests, be it for a graduation, anniversary, marriage, condolences, encouragement, or just because. My desire to be fair, honest, and maintain the integrity of truth has leaded me to write my own blog, Writing Realities. My intent for writing my blog and sharing it with the world is to inspire others, as I have been inspired through inspirations of love, hope, and encouragement from my family and friends throughout the years.

I began writing many years ago as a 13-year-old adolescent. My dream was to become a famous inspirational writer, inspiring others with love, hope, and encouragement. Growing up in a household of three sisters and three brothers required a lot of love, hope, and encouragement from my parents, and from each of us siblings towards one another. These tenets of showing love towards one another, and to carry the hope in our hearts that we will be resurrected from any situation that we might encounter in life; and to remember to encourage one another as we travel through these pages of our lives, as we all will need it, is instilled in us to this day.

Today, I am all grown up and have a daughter of my own. I may not be famous; however, I am very inspired with what is given unto me. I have learned that when we are honest and sincere in our endeavors and with others, we will learn and understand a whole lot more about life, people, and the directions in which we should go. If we seek the truth, we will find it. If we only seek to have our ego enlarged, we will find this too; however, it only brings forth a hollow heart with a shaky foundation. To have a sincere heart with a strong foundation, we need to be honest and sincere in whatever we do. We must be able to open our hearts and mind, placing ourselves in someone else’s shoes. It is not wise to think that we have all the answers, and that we are too big to learn anything else. As long as we are breathing, there is hope, and we can learn from one another, thus inspiring each other.

I often think about people who find it difficult to express themselves, therefore, they close up, and do not share their feelings with others. This is not good, as we, all need to release our feelings. I think about the homeless, and those who are physically challenged, the runaways, and those who are just displaced in their minds, and how they must feel – thinking there is no one who understands, or cares. I think about how we all need to hear words of love, hope, and encouragement, to inspire our heart and minds, to give us purpose, and to make us feel whole again; because no matter who we are, we are still people with feelings, and a heart that needs encouragement.

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3 thoughts on “Guest Post- Barbara Brazile Talks About Life as a Freelance Writer

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  2. Hi Susan, thank you for your comments on my guest article. I understand that people with challenges will have more difficulty in just going for what they want, but never give up trying. I am sure that a way will be made. I, for so long, have struggled with should I or should I not continue what seemed like a fruitless pursuit. I am happy that my passion to write over-ruled my doubt and frustration that I would sometimes have. Life itself is a special gift, and we all have it.

    An author named Ron Davis, explains that multi-dimensional thinking (using all the senses) takes place much faster than verbal thinking. Dyslexics also tend to be more curious, creative, and intuitive than average. They tend to be highly aware of the environment, inventive, and good at real world tasks. Their special mode of thought also produces the gift of mastery: once they have learned something experientially, they understand it on such a deep level that they know how to do things intuitively without thinking about how.

    Read more:

    Be encouraged! Barbara

  3. I hear you. I can relate regarding having difficulty expressing myself. Not for the reason you may think. It’s because I have a disability called dyslexia. That keeps me from sometimes just going for it. I have learned to cope and overcome this challenge through the years but the old fear still persists at times. 🙂

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