Guest Post- Cheryl Therrien

Guest Post by Cheryl Therrien

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Wendy for allowing me to guest post on her blog. She continues to be both generous and an inspiration to so many.

I recently became a grandmother for the first time. It is a label I am happy to display proudly. When I first found out I was going to be a grandmother I was elated. My son was very wise and waited many years until the time was right for him to become a father.

I am not one of those mothers who kept asking when I was going to see grandchildren. I have never placed any pressure on my son to reproduce so I could wear the grandmother label. Children would come when my son was ready for them.

After experiencing those first feelings of elation I began thinking about what I wanted to say to my first grandchild. I wanted him to know just how loved and wanted he was/is. It was then that the idea for a series of letters came to mind.

‘Letters From Grandma: Before You Were Born’

These letters express beyond a shadow of a doubt just how loved my grandchild is. He can read them as a teenager and gain assurance that is he loved unconditionally. He will never have to wonder whether or not he was wanted. These letters clearly demonstrate all the preparation and planning that was done with loving care. His birth was one of the most anticipated events in both his parents and his grandparent’s lives.

I have no doubt that this collection of letters will become a treasured family heirloom.

Cheryl Therrien aka Geek Girl is an author and blogger. You can find her blogging at Geek Girl USA & Grandmother Diaries.

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7 thoughts on “Guest Post- Cheryl Therrien

  1. I love the idea of writing letters to your grandchild from the time they were born. I have a friend who wrote a letter to each of his children on the day they were born. For his 60th birthday, they each wrote him a letter and he included all of them in his memoir, Pennies from a Heav’n.

    Your letters will be invaluable and timeless.

  2. Hi Wendy as well as Cheryl, Happy Mother’s Day to both as well as congratulations on soon to be Grand Mother’s Day Cheryl. When my best friend from 5 years old on told me that she was going to be a grand mother this month and I fondly refer to her as the June Cleaver of the 21 century. I am 3or 4 days older than she is and have no children except my 2 furry ones that won’t be handing me that surprise. I stopped after a young man that I am helping out had this big old smile on his face one day when he came to see me and I asked him why he looked sooooo happy he told me that he was going to be a father and he is 21 and I am old enough to have grand children as he reminded me as he did the math really nicely because he knows how I feel about such things. By doing the math he let me know how old his mother was when she had him and I don’t want to go there. He said @ least I waited until I was 21 years old and am in school. I commended him on that and he already knows what he needs to know but not all of it not even close.
    He knows something important though. I may not be his mother nor grand mother but he knows that he has someone who cares enough about him that he can show the picture of the sonogram to and to remind him to please pull up your pant’s is that how you want to see your son walking down the street? He said no and thank you and knows that I’ll be watching and that I care. Very important for the young and others to know that people really still do care and have not given up on them.
    I applaud you for not being one of those mother’s as children really need to have that time to be children so they will learn to become young adult’s then adult’s and take their time.
    My younger sister did that and I am grateful that she did as they look like such a happy family that loves each other and that is so extremely important.
    Best of luck and I know that your books will do well I am fairly certain. Peace and be well.

  3. Thank you Cheryl and Wendy for this sweet message from a grandmother’s perspective on Mother’s Day.

    You’ve already started creating memories in the writing of the letters. What a wonderful idea — beautiful.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you both – I hope you have very special days. 🙂

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