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Article by Wendy McCance

When I was in my early 20’s, I once had a good friend say to me that I enjoyed a day like the advice in those magazine articles describe them.  You know those articles that tell you what makes for perfect relaxing moments.  Take a bubble bath and enjoy a glass of wine.  Buy flowers and succulent vegetables at the farmers market and cook a meal while listening to good music.  My friend said that I orchestrated my life in that fashion.

I remember being intrigued and put-off by her comment.  I had never thought about how to make my day supremely relaxing and oh so perfect, I just live my life the way it suits me best.  I let the idea of what my friend said roll around in my head for a while.  Did other people see me in that way?  Was that a good thing or did I seem a bit obnoxious for liking things in the way I do?

Many years have passed since that comment was made.  It’s funny, I don’t think about it unless I have one of those days that seemed perfect in every way.  Then the memory resurfaces and I am back thinking about that memory again.  The only difference is that now I feel lucky.  It doesn’t take much for me to feel happy and a bit grateful for the simplest of pleasures.  It actually makes me fill more fulfilled.

Today was one of those days when the memory popped up in my head.  I woke up this morning to the rain.  I love rain, especially while I am in bed.  It is such a soothing feeling and I get excited when I hear it.

The morning was spent cleaning.  I had already cleaned most of the house the day before, but I still had to tackle the bathrooms.  Once done, the house took on a fresh, homey feeling.  I love the feeling of a sparkling clean home.  With 3 kids and 3 pets, it’s not everyday that my house feels so clean, but when the weekend rolls around and I am methodically going from room to room cleaning up a week’s worth of activity, the end result is a feeling of accomplishment and pure happiness.

After I was finished cleaning and had taken a shower, I grabbed a guitar and sat in the back room with my husband.  He was getting a tutorial set up on the computer, a guitar of his own was propped up nearby.  We spent the next hour practicing the lesson that was being taught.  Plenty of mistakes were made and my husband was much further along than me, but it was a good time.

I had just finished out a particularly busy week and I was exhausted.  I decided to enjoy the luxury of an afternoon nap.  It was a good decision and I awoke feeling better.

My oldest daughter had gone shopping with me a day ago and was anxious to cook up some vegetables for a stir fry.  I cooked the chicken and then left her to finish up the meal.  Dinner was terrific!

After dinner, I retreated to my bedroom.  I hopped into bed and did some reading.  I was determined to finish a book I have been enjoying but kept putting off because of a busy schedule.  It might sound crazy to read in my bedroom, but I think it goes back to my youth.  There was nothing better than a good book and a cozy blanket while being tucked away from the world in my bedroom.  It’s still my favorite place to read.

As I was reading, I caught a whiff of vanilla.  My window was open and the ceiling fan was on so at first I just assumed it was an outside smell.  It took me a moment, but as the smell increased I remembered my younger daughter announcing that she was going to bake a cake.  Yep, it doesn’t get any better.  Reading a good book while someone else does the baking and still being rewarded with a wonderful dessert.

Once the cake was frosted my younger daughter came upstairs to announce that the cake was ready to eat.  By this point, I had put down my book and was furiously typing away on my computer.  It’s inevitable.  Whenever I read, I am then always inspired to write.  I have accepted this fact and although I am a chapter away from finally finishing my book, my desire to write took over.  My daughter wasn’t thrilled when she saw me typing away.  She mentioned that I was always working.  I countered with the fact that I was writing for myself and not for a client.  She said that it was still work because it was on my blog which people check out before they hire me.  All I could do was sigh.  I don’t see it that way, but she sure does.

Overall, the kids were content, the house was unusually quiet, there were no appointments, activities or other responsiblities to attend to.  Now I am going to enjoy a piece of cake I didn’t bake myself!  It was a perfect day!

Wendy McCance

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4 thoughts on “It was a Perfect Day!

  1. That just made my day perfect. Tomorrow I will buy flowers for my wife after we get back from a boat run up river. She is cooking a pot roast and she deserves a day like this.
    Al Griffin
    We usually write about perfect places but you inspire me to include perfect days. Thanks
    from “Our Eyes Upon Missouri” where we write and photograph the things we love in our new home.

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