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So, three weeks ago I started doing the ketogenic diet. If you would like to read about my initial impression of the diet and how I got started, go here:

At three weeks I can confidently say that I think I will be able to manage staying on this diet and implementing the eating habits as a lifestyle without too many hiccups. I am over the hurdle of getting through the keto flu and am feeling really good.

In three weeks I have lost 7 lbs. I lost a lot of weight quickly (water weight I’m assuming) and now my body has slowed way down. I am happy to say that for the first time in a few years my stomach is completely flat again. No more bloating at all. If I were to work out, I would see some really impressive results at this point, but all I have done so far is a little walking.

I have had some challenges along the way. I had to figure out what I could eat at an Easter (carb heavy) dinner, there was a celebration with an apple pie to contend with and a birthday party that included bar-hopping with friends and family. Each event was navigated as well as I could handle without any feelings of guilt about the decisions I decided to make. I ate ham, beans, a small amount of sweet potato and a spoonful of cranberry sauce for Easter. The sweet potatoes have carbs and the cranberry sauce has sugar, but I ate just a little of each without guilt. I never had any apple pie when we celebrated my son making the baseball team which was a big deal because I love apple pie and I was the one who went out to buy it. When I went bar-hopping, I had 2 beers, a cocktail and a chicken sandwich minus the bread. None of my decisions were perfect, but for someone deciding this diet would be a lifestyle choice and something I will never stop doing, I think I managed each event fairly well.

I have been using keto sticks to determine if I am in ketosis each morning and have found that I am only a small amount in ketosis (the third square in). I am struggling to raise my ketones and I’m sure this is why my weight is so very slow in coming off. The keto diet is a difficult diet in that carbs are to be kept under 20 net grams per day and although you minus fiber from the carbs to get your net carb intake, it is hard to get under 20 net grams. Really hard! Just think, I would need to figure out all of the carbs in a salad (for instance) and I can’t see myself counting salad carbs. If I want a lifestyle of eating a keto diet, I have decided to sacrifice counting carbs in produce of any sort. I only count carbs off of food that has labels.

Sugar has been the easier thing to lay off of. I do crave sugar if I eat fruit or have some dark chocolate (which in very small quantities is allowed) so I try to limit food that will activate any sugar cravings. I did have a weak moment this week when my husband built a fire outside and we had some marshmallows in the house. If you want to see an item filled with carbs and sugar, look no further than to a marshmallow. They are evil. I was still quite content to have a few toasted marshmallows on a stick.

My best moment in the last three weeks came when my mom saw me and said I didn’t look so thick around my middle anymore. I didn’t realize I was looking so obviously thick, but I’ll take it and feel good knowing the keto diet is working.

My most difficult challenge overall has been trying to drink enough water. I know out of everything I could mention drinking water probably sounds like a funny thing to be challenging me, but I am not a big water drinker and anything besides water has the sugar and carbs I’m trying to avoid. I also hate how often you end up having to go to the bathroom. I’m not a fan. But, I do continue on knowing I’m doing something healthy for my body.

My most annoying moment was when after my husband decided to try out the ketogenic diet as well, sent me a text with a picture of donuts while he was at work. He was agonizing over a box of donuts someone has brought in and mentioned he only caved and had a donut hole. Well, sorry for your difficulties at work. Stay out of the company kitchen. And, by the way, it doesn’t make life so easy for me to get a pic of some delicious looking donuts sent to my phone. Cruelty at its best!

Are you trying out a diet plan? How are you doing so far? Have you ever tried the ketogentic diet? What were your results? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “Ketogenic Diet Week 3

  1. Hey Wendy,

    Thank you for the post. I am currently entering week 3 of KETO and am struggling a bit with staying motivated. I have been tracking my macros and working out 3x a week. I have lost 6 lbs total. I’ve read several articles from people that have lost 10 + lbs in week 1. OMG really? I ate one slice of bread last night at a fancy dinner and have felt guilty all day. Until I read your post. Its ok to treat oneself every now and then in order to progress without feeling deprived. I truly appreciate your honesty and hope your journey is successful.

  2. Ah! What a timely post. I’ve been reading about keto diet in the last few weeks. Thanks for sharing this great info. Page bookmarked.

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