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I am always amazed at the way an article can spark such a good response from those reading the article.  I was looking over some of my more recent posts, and the feedback I had received was wonderful.  I have learned so much from those who have commented on the articles I have written.  There becomes a remarkable connection I feel when I write something of importance to me and hear that there are so many people who feel the same way or add something that allows me to view the subject differently or more deeply.

Here are some things I’ve learned from my latest articles:

What Writing Has Taught Me-  People love to write.  Most people write because of the passion they feel towards writing itself.  Writing has nothing to do with making money or exploiting their egos.  Writing is just a part of who they are and it is a feeling of completeness to be able to spend time putting their thoughts on paper.  Some of the words used to describe their experiences have been therapy, creativity, and a way to reminisce about events in their life.

The Facebook Experience.  Are You a Fan?-  There were so many positive feelings towards using Facebook.  People have connected with old friends and family that might live far away.  People have used Facebook as a marketing tool or have gotten job offers from using Facebook.  I know of some friends who I would say are diehard Facebook users and was surprised to hear that they had faced some uncomfortable situations.

There was one friend who was put in the very uncomfortable position of having to decide if coworkers who were friending her should be put on her site.  Her feeling was that she didn’t hang out with them outside of work and that she used Facebook as a way to stay close with her closest friends and family.  She felt that her site was too personal and that she didn’t want people she worked with to have such personal access to her life.  Truly understandable and incredibly awkward, but for me, I would have stressed horribly about possibly insulting someone I worked with.  Another friend told me about an ex-wife of a guy she was dating who looked her up and sent her a private extremely nasty email on Facebook.  True you can block these people, but who wants to have an experience like that and have to worry about blocking someone.

In the end, I have realized that Facebook is not for me (I don’t want to have to deal with any uncomfortable situations).  For the people who use Facebook, they seem to be extremely confident people who know their personal limits and have no trouble sticking up for themselves.  I salute you!

Why a List Works-  This article really surprised me.  I have gotten the most feedback off of this article.  The comments have been long and passionate.  I was stunned to see how much writing a list was a huge part of many reader’s lives.  Some comments that were made used words like accomplish, goal setting, confidence and achievement.  One reader commented that she had saved her lists and that looking them over from time to time brought back a flood of memories.  I had never thought to save a list, but I thought the idea was brilliant.  Immediately I was picturing lists I had made growing up and was so disappointed that I didn’t still have them.  It would have been great to see what books I wanted to read or what my career choices would be as an adult.  I am going to suggest to my own kids that they might enjoy holding on to lists they make so that they may one day look back on them or better yet, show their own kids what made them tick as a kid.

I hope you have been enjoying this blog as much as I have enjoyed writing these articles and interacting with you.  Hopefully my articles will continue to inspire you and point you in the direction toward the ultimate in happiness.

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  1. Feedback is important, but as you have done, Wendy, reading it is even more so. It helps us to learn about other people and their perspectives. Maybe it can even open our minds a little bit.

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