5 Ways To Boost Your Mood Today


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Everyone has those days that are hectic, overwhelming and burdensome.  What if you could improve your day with a few simple tricks?

1.  Eat Healthy.  It will rev you up, improve your mood and will make you feel better about yourself.  Junky food has a way of making you feel bad.  Not only does it drag you down, but you won’t feel as good about yourself when you don’t eat the things you know are vital for your overall health.

2.  Stock your car with items you love.  If your day is full of carpooling or other errands that will keep you on the go, get into the habit of carrying a notepad, book or magazine, music you love and a good snack with you.  When you listen to music you love, your mood improves.  If you will be stuck in your car for a while, it is a great time to write out your thoughts on paper.  Make a list, write what you are grateful for, plan what you would like to get done this week or any other activity that gives you an opportunity to release all of those thoughts that are flooding your mind.

Carrying around a favorite book or a magazine that you are looking forward to flipping through is a great way to give yourself a break and make you feel like you are taking some time for you.  If you have an appointment, take it in with you while you wait.  Another option if you are stuck on the road is to get a book on tape.  Inspirational books like The Secret or You: The Owner’s Manual are great choices to lift you up and put you in a better frame of mind.

Keep some items in the car to snack on.  Get trail mix, dried fruit or an energy bar.  There is nothing worse than being rushed and feeling hungry at the same time.  Having something to snack on will keep you from feeling so grumpy when you don’t have time to stop and get a bite to eat.

3.  Don’t procrastinate.  Call and make those appointments.  Do your bills or fill out paperwork that has been sitting around.  Go forth and tackle the dreaded busy work and I promise you will feel lighter and more in control of your day.

4.  Do something special for yourself.  It might be a trip to Starbucks for a great cup of coffee or running into the bakery for some freshly made bread.  Pick something that you don’t do often or that you know will instantly pick you up.  Maybe it’s getting your car washed or window shopping on a lunch hour, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is something that you don’t do often but makes you feel good.

5.  Excercise.  If you have the time and can take a walk or ride your bike, that’s fantastic.  If you are just too busy, maybe you can get outside the office at lunch and take a quick stroll just so that you can enjoy the weather.  Even taking the stairs instead of the elevator will feel good.  Excercise increases the good feelings you have by revving up your metabolism.  It will also give you the feeling of accomplishment for having touched on doing something to improve your health.

Start implementing these ideas into your routine and watch your overall mood improve.  You will feel calmer and more in control of your day when you have ways to make sure you feel taken care of.

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