The Quick and Dirty Version of Doing it Right as an Adult

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Article by Wendy McCance

This is just a post and not a book, so I’ll make this quick. I have learned a lot of things in my life and if I was to do it all over again, I would wish for someone to have shared this advice with me:

  1. Do what you love. Don’t worry about the money or what anyone else thinks or if it is not your forever calling. Go after what you like at the moment. You will never regret it. You will gain some great stories and it will be an adventure you’ll never forget.
  2. If you are brave enough to do what you love, you will find some type of success. It might not be the success you imagine, but you will learn and grow and create a path towards future successes. Believe it or not, if you want it badly enough you will manage to find money to support what you love and maybe make money directly from the very thing that you are passionate about.
  3. Work on loving yourself and others will follow. You will never escape yourself. If you can’t figure out how to enjoy your own company, you are doomed. And, no one will love someone who can’t love themself, at least not in the way you want them to. When you love who you are, your best assets shine through and others become attracted to you.
  4. Don’t rely on others for your happiness, for money, for creating the life you want. Create it all yourself and you will have the security, empowerment, pride and a more genuine happiness in your life than what anyone else can give to you.
  5. Don’t have children unless you can put them before yourself – always! Children grow up, but they still need a parents love and support. Your life doesn’t revolve solely around yourself once children come into your life. Your purpose changes and it is the children your life will revolve around. If you don’t love this idea, being a parent isn’t your calling.
  6. Save money and avoid using credit whenever possible. Freedom is being able to make decisions without the worry of the bills you owe. Want to move, travel the world, leave a job to start your own business? Without debt, it’s easy to make any of those dreams come true.
  7. Take time for peace and quiet. An opportunity to unwind is an important way to stay connected to yourself and keep from becoming stressed out. Even if you only get an opportunity to drink a cup of tea on the porch or take a walk through the neighborhood, give yourself a chance to think in a peaceful environment.
  8. Read.
  9. Let those you care about know you care. Tell them often. Treat them well.
  10. A college education is only worthwhile if you need the degree to advance in your career choice. Don’t put the money into college unless you have a clear plan of what you want to do, know there are plenty of opportunities available in that field and you have the money to pay for the classes or can repay a loan quickly.
  11. If you follow the above advice and then find someone who wants to share a life with you, who has done the same as you to get to a place of happiness in their own life and will support your dreams and want the best for you, you have won the game of life!

Wendy McCance

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