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So many of you have seen the transformation from my old blog to this new one.  As I have changed over, I have been updating you on my progress, whether it be positive or negative aspects of changing over from a WordPress.com site to a .com site.

The reason I decided to make the move was so that I could monetize my site.  I won’t lie, if I can find a way to make some passive income while doing what I love, I’m going to look into it.

After a lot of thought, I have decided to change the theme of this site.  I know it may seem crazy, I mean the site is looking pretty good and a lot of hard work went into it.

The reason I need to change the theme is because the only area that has a widget area is at the bottom of the home page.  Not ideal when you are trying to do a little advertising.  I thought maybe I would just have a products page, but I have a lot of work to do to make that page a good-looking, functioning site.  In the mean time, I really have no good place to advertise.

A word to the wise, if you are thinking about going to a .com, make sure you have mapped out what you want on your site and then compare it to the options a theme has.  I really thought I had my site mapped out well.  I figured I had more options for placement of ads.  I had a feeling early on that I might be making a mistake.  I was so overwhelmed with all of the things I needed to do to set the site up, that I ignored that feeling that my theme might be wrong.

If you are reading this blog and it looks a little different, it’s just me making some tweaks.  Everything should be back in place fairly quickly.  Thankfully, I have copied all of my widget codes and pages so if something gets lost, I have a copy.

In the meantime, I would like to offer you a new opportunity.  It’s my way of saying thanks for all of the support.  Please go to the Guest Post page for more information.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. 🙂

If you are thinking about changing your WordPress theme, the link below is definitely worth a look.

Beginners guide checklist

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14 thoughts on “Update and a Special Opportunity

  1. This looks real good – you’ve streamlined it. I like the new look and can see what you mean on where to put your ads. Great job Wendy! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! You have come a long way in one year! I am excited for you and wish you the best of luck always. Thank you for taking me with you. I am learning so much following you 🙂

    • Thanks so much. You know, you were one of the first followers way back when. I appreciate your support and all the wonderful comments. 🙂

  3. Wendy,

    Congratulations on getting your own site up. I started there and then went to wordpress. I develop websites and I know how much work goes into all of this.

    Who do you host with? Did you get someone to do your site or did you download a blog engine?

    If you need any help please just ask.

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