Vanity Can Be Beneficial For Good Health

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Article by Wendy McCance

It’s gorgeous outside.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.  The temperature is supposed to get to 80 degrees today.  Summer is upon us and I am going to want to wear much less clothing.  It’s time to tone up and begin exercising.

During the winter I huddle in my home dressed in warm layers doing a variety of sedentary activities.  I’ll watch movies, read books, write and do a little cooking.  Exercise does not cross my mind.  Right around the New Year, I’ll make plans to start getting back into an exercise routine.  I’ll drag my feet for a few more weeks and then slowly get moving.  This lasts about two weeks if I’m extra motivated.  I’ll decide I still have time to work in some exercise before spring hits and I’ll go back to my lazy ways.

Thank goodness I am a little vain.  Vanity saves my health to some degree.  It’s what reminds me to get moving when I feel like a slob.  It makes me more mindful of my eating habits as well.  Whenever my skin or hair looks dull and my stomach begins to look bloated I’ll focus on better food choices.

I tackle my health in the laziest of lazy ways.  exercise for me is much easier in warmer weather because I love being outside and staying active.  I’ll ride my bike every day with no problem.  I enjoy walking, tennis, swimming and canoeing.  Summer is great because it’s so much easier to find ways to stay active and have fun doing it.  I am not a person who enjoys the gym.  It’s stressful to worry about what to wear, and how you look using a machine.  I shouldn’t care because I am doing this for me and not other people, but I do get self-conscious.  The gym machines are sooo boring and who wants to be stuck indoors, anyway?

So here I am revving up for the changing season.  Just remember, when you look in the mirror and are hard on yourself, thank the fact that you are a tad bit vain.  If you listen to your thoughts and act on them, vanity can save your health.

Wendy McCance

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10 thoughts on “Vanity Can Be Beneficial For Good Health

  1. Oh yes, I am with you, gym is deadly boring! Here in this part of Europe we have 90+ degree days, so I am just looking at how do I get to a pretty lake where I can be daytime.

  2. I hate gym’s also. The treadmill is, as you said, SOOO boring. I love to walk and be in my garden. I was walking everyday up until a few weeks ago when I came down with a really bad flu which I am still recovering from. Just as you said, because of my own personal vanity I have been working to get back to my walking. Thanks for the reminder that in the end it really is for ourselves.

  3. I readily tell people I’m a vain woman. I think it’s wonderful to admit I want to look and feel my best at any age. Thanks for writing about a positive trait too often seen as selfabsorbtion.

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