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It's time to write

Article by Wendy McCance

I have been reviewing my posts and thinking about what has occurred in the last month since I have begun my blog.  Writing has opened me up.  Not only has writing been a way to release my feelings in the most honest forthright way, but it has slowed me down.  We are all surrounded by so much hustle and bustle in our daily lives.  Jobs, families, friends and even technology speed up our day until it’s a whir of events spinning and the day flies by without an opportunity for reflection or gratitude for what is in front of us.

When I began writing, as my thoughts were being processed into words onto this blog, I would stop and reflect on what I had said.  Comments started coming in and I had another chance to review not only what I had said but getting another viewpoint from my reader’s point of view.

Something amazing started happening.  I started to notice my surroundings in a way I hadn’t since I was a child.  I was able to take in the goodness of the day and appreciate the subtleties of my experience.  Below is a quick list of what began to transpire.

I began writing my blog and got some positive feedback– I gained confidence in myself.

I continued to write and got brave enough to submit some articles-I have several articles published on Yahoo.

I continued writing and realized that I was so busy for so long that I had neglected friendships– I got in touch with some friends and have scheduled time with friends I have missed.

I wrote about my family and the struggle of having a close relationship with my sister-We got together yesterday, visited a few cute stores and hung out in a coffee-house and are mending our differences.

I am becoming very brave in baring my soul in my posts-Reader’s have gotten brave with me and written long comments back baring their souls.  This interaction with my reader’s has been extremely rewarding.

The list goes on and on, but what I have taken from this experience is that I am open to giving and receiving.  I am enjoying the smallest in gestures in the biggest of ways.  I feel free like I did as a kid and the weight of adulthood has become much easier to bear.

I am hoping that you have found a way to appreciate what is around you.  That each day feels rewarding and that no matter what stressors surround you that you can have faith and comfort from seeing the bigger picture of life.

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Wendy McCance

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9 thoughts on “What Writing Has Taught Me

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  2. Writing always releases the feelings I hold inside, whether it is happiness, excitement or fear and anger, I can always count on my writing to help me sort out my feelings. Good post!

  3. Thanks Wendy for all your doing! I am new to finding your blog, and I am starting to read through your archives and get to know you better. I signed up for your “updates” so I have A LOT of your great reading material ahead of me! Something REALLY nice to look forward too! I have a website that is somewhat new on Vista Print. I have the option of having a “blog” along with the website, and I would greatly appreciate your advice as to what you believe the differences are between keeping a website verses a blog? Should I have both? What do you think I should change about my website. I NEED another persons opinion, other than just family and friends. I would like to start a blog, but I’m not sure the differences and if I should drop the website and concentrate on the blog? Like I said, it’s nice to hear an outsiders ideas. If you can visit my website, it is at http://www.alaskamypeacefulhabitation.com
    Thank you Wendy! Now back to reading a few more of your articles…
    Donnetta in Alaska 🙂

    • Hi,
      I’m so happy to get to know you. Thanks so much for signing up. As for a website vs a blog, I guess the difference would be that on a blog you get more personal and a website, it’s more of a business site. Just guessing, I never gave it much thought. These days, it’s hard to tell as businesses are getting more personal on their websites and bloggers are monetizing their blogs.

  4. I like this site very much, Its a really nice billet to read and obtain info. “That which has been believed by everyone, always and everywhere, has every chance of being false.” by Paul Valery.

  5. I’ve been writing since I was a child. It’s always been a way to keep everything in perspective, to let my creative juices flow, or to immortalize events that I always wanted to remember. These days, along with my blog, my next book, and content for my web-site, I write every Wednesdays for fun with a women’s writing group. We put our thoughts down for 20 minutes on a random topic and then read aloud what we’ve written. Because we don’t know beforehand what the topic will be, we can’t prepare. Writing by the ‘seat of your pants’ is very cathartic. We flesh out feelings, emotions, and thoughts that have kept us from moving forward or seeing the big picture. It is healing, helpful, and the best part of my week.

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