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Why should you work with this website to promote your product or brand?

Besides all of the statistics you can find in our media kit, you will have your article posted to more than 15 sites.  Take a look at where we post your information:

Twitter:  @w_mccance

Depending on the topic, you will also find your article posted at the following social media sites:

Mommy Bloggers
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Did you notice that our posts go out to several online local newspapers? If you are interested in a sponsored post, please read on:

Sponsored Posts Guidelines -

Sponsored/Commercial/Non Blogger Posts

1. The sponsored post must be 300+  words – you write the post.

2. The post must be related to family, parenting, relationships, health, career etc – something that fits the topics explored on this website.

3. The post can have a soft sales tone to it.

4. Must be original content.  Author or business must acknowledge that it was written by them.  The content must not be duplicated on other sites.

5. Your post will have a disclaimer that it is a sponsored post. Small.

6. The post will appear on the front page as a featured post.  As other posts are written, it will move back in the posting lineup.  Ten posts (minimum) will be written before it gets bumped off the front page.

7.  Please provide an image or company logo.

8.   You may provide information such as a website link, phone number, address etc…

9.  The date for posting the article will be scheduled AFTER payment is made.

10.  Payment must be made through PayPal.




$125.00 small banner.

$200.00 for a 300-500 word article.

$250.00 for a 501-1,000 word article.

*Maximum article length is 1,000 words.



If you are interested in advertising or have any questions, please fill out the contact form below.

*For information regarding page views, unique visitors and other analytics, please view the Media Kit page.

*Please see the Product Reviews for a list of companies who have advertised with us.

We reserve the right to reject any offer for a sponsored post, advertising.

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