How to Change Your Life in 2015

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Article by Wendy McCance

The New Year is all about change.  Thinking about what you would like to improve and finding a way to make it happen is a common theme.  It seems like such a wonderful idea until you actually attempt to do better, and then, many times it doesn’t happen.

Change is hard.  Change requires you to consciously change habits that can be ingrained deep within your soul.  After all the years of practicing to think a certain way or do things in a particular manner, change can feel like chopping through a mountain of ice with a toothpick.

If you are downright determined to change (and that’s the only way it will happen anyway), then here is my advice to you, change one tiny thing or do one small action.  The smallest movement can make a world of difference.  You have to start somewhere.

Think of it this way, you won’t be able to swim until you learn to float.  You won’t be able to float until you are holding onto the edge of the pool learning how to kick your legs.  You won’t learn how to kick your legs until you get into the pool.  You won’t get into the pool until you have a swimsuit.  You won’t get a swimsuit until the desire to swim is greater than the worry about how you will look, fear of drowning or any other negative inner thoughts.  If you don’t want something badly enough, you won’t push through each obstacle to get there.

Swimming is a process and getting there takes several steps.  Every change you make in life works the same way.  It’s by taking one very small step at a time that you will reach your goal. Just think, if you go buy that swimsuit, you are one step closer than you were a day earlier. Every time you take another step, you are one notch closer.  By looking at a desired goal in this way, it becomes easier to get to the end and reach the desired outcome.

What do you want to change this next year?  Have you ever been able to follow through on a New Year’s resolution?  What did you do that made all the difference?  Let me know in the comment section below.


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