The Hidden Side Of Blogging That No One Talks About

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Article by Wendy McCance

When I decided to begin a blog, I did it for myself.  I had a lot on my mind that had been building up for far too long.  I felt lost and needed a place to expose my soul, rehash my disappointments and begin the process of building myself up again.  I didn’t blog for fame or fortune or any other motive.  I started my blog to find some peace inside of myself.

Blogging has been the best experience of my life.  I became brave in a way I never thought I could by holding nothing back and letting the truth of my feelings fall where they may.  It has been extremely therapeutic to spend some time each morning emptying my head of some of the thoughts swirling around in there.

There is an unknown side to blogging that I wasn’t aware of until I had been writing for a few weeks.  Surprises pop up almost daily in the most unusual and wonderful way.  I’ve read many blogs since I began my own, but I haven’t seen anyone discuss the surprising events that come along with this writing experience.  I would like to share with you some of my experiences and hope to hear from you about some of yours.


When I started blogging in February, I had never read a blog and had no idea how to begin one of my own.  When I figured out how to set one up, my first feeling of accomplishment came from being able to create the blog without any help.  I am not techy and this was a huge accomplishment for me.  I began writing fearlessly almost from the beginning.  The internet is a vast expansion of space and I didn’t think anyone would find me.


I wrote each day like clockwork.  I got my most troublesome worries out on a post.  Comments trickled in and it astounded me to realize that not only were people reading my blog, but they cared enough to write a comment.  Those first few comments really blew me away.  It made me feel so good.  I got a little cocky and decided I was a writer and a writer should submit their work to other outlets.  I submitted some posts to Associated Content and within a week, I got an email saying that some articles would be published.  I was floored.  I could actually find my work on Yahoo Voices.


  • I got my first review.  Here I was less than two months in and I was reviewed on Cities of the Mind by a freelance writer named Connor Rickett at:   It was a great review and completely accurate to where I was at in the blogging process.
  •  I was invited to join a “by invitation only” mastermind group which stunned me.  I had just begun writing, I wasn’t sure what I had to offer to this group of very successful people.  The founder of the group I found out was impressed with the questions I raised in my blog and the amount of participating I did in one of the LinkedIn groups.  She thought I was a positive influence and a good fit for the personalities of the group.
  •  I was nominated for 2 awards by two different people.  The Versatile Blogger Award from: (great stories, ironic humor) and The Inspirational Blogger Award from: (inspirational wonderful stories).
  • I got a phone call from a wonderful woman who had been reading my blog.  I had a great discussion with her and was touched to hear from this inspirational reader.


  • I was recognized on a wonderful blog from: (fun stories and beautiful photography-fashion related).
  • My readership has been speeding up and grew by more than 44 followers since the beginning of May.
  • I was offered an opportunity to apply for a writing position on an online newspaper.
  •  I was offered an opportunity to be an editor on a reader’s blog.
  • I was given an opportunity by one of my reader’s to contact a well-known and highly successful entrepreneur and pass along the link to my blog.

Please take a moment and write a comment about some of the amazing things that have come your way since you began your blog.  I have been receiving emails from brand new blogger’s who are wondering if they are on the right track and what to expect.  I think it would be incredibly inspiring and beneficial to all to hear about the wonderful moments that go along with blogging.  The blogging community is such an amazing supportive group of people and I would be thrilled if we could continue to support and lift each other up.  We’ve all been there and know what it feels like in the beginning.  Shoot, I’m still a newbie myself.

Wendy McCance

Wendy McCance

Wendy McCance is a Michigan based freelance writer and social media consultant. Wendy has gained attention as the founder of the popular blog Searching for the Happiness which can be viewed in 9 local papers online, including the Oakland Press. The combination of writing skills and social media knowledge is what makes Wendy such a powerhouse to work with. Stay tuned for opportunities to advertise, guest post and as always, have your questions answered.

To contact Wendy McCance about a writing or social media assignment, interview or speaking engagement, please email her at: [email protected]
Wendy McCance

27 thoughts on “The Hidden Side Of Blogging That No One Talks About

  1. Lovely! I am so much inspired.I have been writing for quite a few years but getting very less comments.I have two sites- The other one is Someone has prepared this second site of mine.But the tragedy is that it is not visible to the public.He has cheated me.I am really thankful to you for your inspiring words and just hope for the best.

  2. Awesome! This is really inspiring. I began blogging and writing just like you did. It really is therapeutic and gives peace. I try to shift my frustration/anger/negative energy towards something positive and productive. I discovered that blogging/ writing is the best way to do so. Am still learning to write grammatically correct stuff. However, I guess, the initial efforts also matter a lot! I have bookmarked your blog and read it for inspiration! Kudos to you; keep up the good work!

  3. Since I started blogging I have connected with people all around the world from many different cultures and my writing quickly improved with each post. I never thought blogging would be so satisfying where I get to write about my favorite topic and share it with others.

  4. Hi Wendy, the best surprises for me were the other cool blogs and bloggers I found on my way. It’s always reassuring to see that other people care about the same things.

    Blogging also makes me see every little event of my life as a potential story… And so it becomes more exciting!

    • That’s funny because I keep thinking that about you! You have such a great blog. By the way, you would be perfect for the Friday Interviews. If you are interested, shoot me an email. 🙂

  5. Well, you’ve done it another time. You just keep coming up with wonderful ideas to write about and questions that make the rest of us really think. I knew you had something when I read some of your early posts, that’s why I had no hesitation in nominating you for the Versatile Blogger award (thanks for the mention above). It’s been great to watch the way your blog and writing has been developing - and so quickly too. I’m not a bit surprised that you have been recognized by many others as well. May it continue as long as you want it to.
    I started my blog to entertain myself really. I’ve always liked to write and what better way to gather your thoughts and reminiscences together than in a blog. And I thought, if it makes me laugh, chances are it’ll do the same for someone else - and these days we need a little bit of humor in our lives.
    But the best thing about blogging, especially on WordPress are the people with whom you come into contact. In my experience so far, there are a lot of good folks in this community, people want to encourage others rather than bring them down.

    • You always have the most wonderful comments. Thanks for the kind words. I completely agree about the WordPress community, I have had the pleasure of getting to know some wonderful people like yourself. By the way, I don’t know if you read the latest post, but I think you would be a terrific person to interview for the Friday Blogger’s Spotlight. If your interested, just let me know and I’ll pass the info your way. 🙂

      • Thanks Wendy. I just got to the invitation post today - I try to read posts in chronological order and sometimes it takes me a day or two to get to them.
        Your Friday Blogger Spotlight sounds very interesting. Be glad to help, by all means send me the info.

  6. Blogging was something I thought about for a long time. As a yogi on a journey, I have always known about the importance of journaling, but the thought of anyone ever reading anything I wrote, terrified me. But blogging helped me find my voice (still, finding it) the most surprising thing to me was how many wonderful friends, and fellow bloggers I have met. You all are fearless! My courage to say & to write is boosted by reading ‘your’ blogs. Blogging keeps me moving forward! When I feel little shy, I write and if no one reads it thats OK, I did the hard part ( for me anyway) I posted it, to the wide world of blogging. I love your blog, and loved reading about your journey of surprises.

  7. So happy for you! I am a newbie blogger myself. I have not had the same wonderful responses that you have had. Blogging has resulted in my making some wonderful blogger friends. That in itself has made it worth while. I write because it is my passion. Even if everyone stops reading I will keep writing. Again, so happy for you! 🙂 Cheryl from LinkedIn

  8. Wow! Wendy, that is so awesome that you have already been nominated for awards and getting writing projects from others. This is so inspiring and it makes me want to network even harder. I can’t wait till I have an opportunity like yours to share with you, but for now I’m happy just letting my writing be a way of catharsis for me! Im rooting for you big time! You go girl!

    • Hi Kimmy,
      Thanks so much. I really wanted to do this post to not only inspire others, but to show support. Everyone brings a different experience to the table and the blogging community is really generous sharing what they have learned. The internet is such a vast place that there really is room for all of us to have a ton of success.

  9. I have been keeping a journal (personal blogging) since I was 7. A friend mentioned I should start blogging to get my name out there because I’m working on a long short film. Mostly I continued blogging publicly because people started reading and following what I was saying.

    I recently published two blogs in an e-mag and more and more people are identifying with my words.

    Who knew (besides me) that what I had to say held meaning for someone or simply made them laugh? It’s a pretty cool experience!

  10. I really enjoyed your post. Reading about your adventure brought back many memories regarding my own experience. I started blogging awhile back. I kept it a private blog/diary that only a a very few friends were allowed to view. The reason was I was dyslexic and worried about my writing. Through much encouragement, and pushing, by my friends I launched my site in February. It has been an amazing and uplifting adventure that continues to offer many rewards. I am not able to publish daily as you because I still struggle to ensure that what I write is worthy of posting. But my return to drawing has been a gift and one I love sharing with others. Sorry you asked …. 😀

  11. Good post Wendy! While I have not been as fortunate as you with job options yet, I have found that, like you, I have grown in so many ways as well. I have forged some fantastic friendships and cherish them all. I am able to post some of my short stories, I have enjoyed responses and meeting on-line people. I have been able to share and recieve valuable information. Regardless as to whether or not I get work from this experience, I appreciate all interactions and am glad that I started it. Keep up your good work!

    • Thanks for the comment.  I agree that the people you get to know is an awesome experience.  Some of the comments I have received have truly touched my heart and made my day.


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