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Article by Wendy McCance

I remember being young and dreading each night when my parents settled in to watch the evening news on the television. There were so many stories of violence, cruelty and of people trying to scrape by in life.  It hurt my heart.  I couldn’t understand why my parents willingly wanted to watch a program that told of such doom and gloom in the world.

I used to think that it was strange that people would sit down in the comfort of their home, and take on a spectator status.  Watching what was happening in the world with no emotion and no thought of taking action.  It was a hard pill to swallow.

With the improvements in technology, the atrocities of the world have become more easily viewed and you can’t turn on a computer without seeing story after miserable story reported all the way down the feed of a Yahoo home page.  I can’t wrap my head around people killing each other.  If you are unhappy in this world and decide to leave it, it’s heartbreaking that you have reached such a place of pain in your life.  To take others along with you is pure madness, evil in its finest form.  Something I honestly don’t understand on any level.

There are so many stories of parents doing horrible things to their children. It makes me wonder why everyone is afforded the luxury of bringing a life into this world.  I mean, intellectually I understand the implications of allowing some people and deny others the opportunity to procreate, but emotionally, I have a hard time with it.  I wish if people realized it was too much to raise their child, they would at least allow the child the opportunity to be adopted into a family that desperately wanted nothing more than to pass along all of their love to that child.

I am too innocent for this world.  The suffering I see, the heartlessness that takes place and the horror some people evoke on others is just too much to bear.

When I was young, I used to wonder where I would live when I grew up.  I pictured a place where there were big stretches of land between neighbors. The world would feel quiet and the noises heard would be that of nature.  I dreamed that people would be generous with their hearts and decent to those they came into contact with.  I wished desperately to find a place to live where I could feel safe and peaceful and where others felt the same way.

To this day I feel childlike.  I enjoy the most simple things in life and appreciate the beauty of the world around me.  My days are most significant when they are quiet.  Taking a walk on a beautiful sunny day, snuggling under a blanket and reading when it is raining outside, cooking all day when it is much too cold to venture outside and spending time with my family are my version of perfect days.

Forget the big adventures, looking for ways to pay to be entertained, buying the biggest and best of everything.  It just doesn’t matter.  To me, it’s a way to cover up time and create the illusion of fulfillment.  I am past the quick thrills and crave a deeper more meaningful way of living.  One where contentment comes from what is already right there in front of me.

People live such fast paced lives these days.  When’s the last time you slowed down and relaxed?  Do you remember the last time you felt truly grateful for what you have without looking for more?  Being present and taking in each moment set right in front of you at that very moment can create the most contentment in your life.

Remember the innocence and easiness of being a child.  You had no access to money, no way to travel (unless you count a bike) and somehow, you had the very best time each day just playing and enjoying the world around you. Those simple pleasures, that innocent way of living is what I will always carry with me.  It’s the way I choose to live my life.

Wendy McCance

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