All the Best Parts of Summer

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Article by Wendy McCance

There is something unusually good about summer that the other three seasons seem to lack. This thought occurred to me during a discussion with my son about ice cream and what we enjoyed ordering most at the ice cream stand. There are so many small details about summer that make it such a special season. These small details tend to embed themself in my memory far deeper than the memories I can pull out from any other season. It’s a truly magical time of year.

Let me just say that in general, I have always been a huge fan of the fall. It has always been a favorite time of year for me. I love the smoky, crisp air, cozy sweaters and crunching through leaves while admiring the trees as they turn color for the year. That being said, my fondest memories seem to revolve around the summer. Maybe it’s that the summer is when you feel like a kid again. I mean, summer break is serious business and kids know just how to make some time off from school a good time.

There are lemonade stands and popsicles and the jingle-jangle of the ice cream truck. There are lazy days stretched out on a hammock or splashing through a sprinkler. Garage sales and swimming pools and bike riding and the beach. The happy, carefree memories are endless.

Nothing can rival the smells of summer. Tanning oil and barbecues, freshly mowed grass and roses in full bloom. The salty air of the ocean and the unique smell of a scorching hot day. The wind might pick up and you find yourself lucky enough to smell several happy fragrances all at once. It’s like the best smell ever and I wish I could bottle it.

Even the noises are magical during the summer. Lawn mowers and crickets and firecrackers and outdoor concerts. Kids laughing and the sounds of people gathering outdoors for a meal. Splashing in a pool and sprinklers watering the yard.

I remember not too long ago taking a bike ride with my son. The entire time we discussed are favorite parts of summer. We were both in awe at how one season can evoke all of our senses in a way no other season can quite accomplish.

What is your favorite part about summer? Does a smell, a sound, a taste or seeing something make you think of a happy summer memory? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Summer!

Wendy McCance

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