Ever Have One of Those Weeks?

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Article by Wendy McCance

Whew has it been a challenging week. Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything seems to pile up on each other? This week I have had two proposals to write, three phone conversations with potential clients, numerous emails to current clients, a sick child, a kid who is busy each day playing baseball and, oh yeah, I’m sick too. This has all occurred in a span of four days.

Monday morning my daughter was sick. Fever, sore throat, scratchy sounding voice when she spoke and she looked miserable. I took her to the doctor and she had a virus that would have to run its course.

Tuesday my daughter is still home sick and looking worse. I am having a few different conversations with some possible new clients and there are a lot of questions and scheduling of phone meetings taking up the day.

Tuesday night I am up until 3:15 am with my daughter feeding her soup and medicine and keeping her company. At 6 am I wake up my son and get him to school. I am so exhausted!

Wednesday the storm is brewing over our home. I can feel it. I start the day sick in the bathroom. I am so sick that I call to my son to grab a garbage bag because I am on the toilet so I can’t use the toilet and I think I’m going to throw up. I am so sick and in the bathroom for so long that I barely get my son to school on time.

I try to get a few hours of sleep before the madness of my day takes over. I have three different calls with potential clients scheduled, a proposal to write and some research to do. My daughter is still not feeling better and I can’t seem to break her temperature. Running around making sure she stays hydrated, has hot soup and cold Italian ice, tissues and a garbage bag for those tissues while juggling work is how my day plays out.

Throughout the week, my son has baseball each day and I am not feeling well myself. I haven’t gotten more than a few hours of sleep each night and I think I caught the same bug as my daughter although, thankfully a milder version.

Wednesday night, I can’t sleep. My daughter can’t sleep either. She is still running a fever and she has been coughing non-stop. She is in tears and I decide to take her up to the hospital. It is now 2:00 am.

At the hospital she has some blood work, an IV because she is dehydrated, a chest x-ray and a strep test. Thankfully everything comes back negative and it appears that she just has a virus that she is having difficulty shaking. Oh yes, and she is in the beginning stages of pink-eye. With a prescription in hand for some drops, we leave the hospital just after 6 am. I get home just in time to wake my son up for school.

Thankfully, my husband took the day off from work to help me out. He drove my son to school and took the prescription to the pharmacy to be filled. I don’t know how I would have managed in my sleep deprived state. Oh, and did I mention again that I AM STILL SICK MYSELF? I am just miserable.

So my husband takes my son to school and I lay down to get some rest. 3 hours later I get a text message that wakes me up. It’s from my daughter in the next room and reads, “My tooth cracked.”

I get out of bed, go to her room and find that she has thrown up twice into a garbage bag, she tried eating something and her back tooth broke in half, she is waiting for my husband who is out picking up the prescription he dropped off earlier miserable because her eyes hurt so much and I am still trying to wake up and process what is going on.

Towels and tissues are strewn across her room and there are empty bottles of water and mugs of old soup on her dresser. I clean up the tissues and the towels and the plastic bottles and mugs. I get a garbage bag and throw out the wastebasket where she threw up twice. I get her a warm moist hand towel for her to put over her sore infected eyes and I take the towels downstairs to the laundry area to be thrown in the wash.

When I come back upstairs, I grab the phone to call my husband and ask him to buy some more tissues as my daughter has none left and I see a text message on my phone. The message reads, ” Hi, I was looking over the proposal you sent over and had a few questions. Is now a good time to take a phone call?” It was such bad timing that it was simply comical.

My husband came home with the drops and tissues. I gave my daughter her drops and fed her some soup and called the dentist to set up an appointment to get that tooth fixed. The dentist was going to have my daughter come in the same day, but unfortunately, she is not able to get out in her condition. Thankfully her tooth doesn’t hurt. So we scheduled her appointment for Monday.

I had a little lunch and worked on some clients accounts and then, instead of trying to get a little more sleep, ended up posting this story because honestly I am too wired now to get back to bed. Oh, and I did get back to the client with the proposal question too.

Yep, all in a typical week. Oh, and by the way, did I mention I’m still sick?

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Wendy McCance

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