Everyone Should Have A Success Story

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Article by Wendy McCance

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about all of the wonderful people who stop by this blog.  I feel lucky to have incredible readers who will leave comments that inspire me with their stories and encourage me with praise about an article they enjoyed.  Many of these readers have been following from the early days well before I began self-hosting.  As I learned to blog, these people were right by my side sharing their experiences and rooting me on as my blog took shape.

Over the years, I have tried to show my appreciation with opportunities for other bloggers to get some good exposure.  No matter what I offer, I always feel like there is something else I can think of to do.

Several days ago, I offered bloggers the chance to get more traffic to their blog (you can read the post here) by leaving a link with a description of their blog on the Searching for the Happiness Facebook page.  What these bloggers were unaware of was how I was attempting to do even more to increase their link efforts.

I have been sorting through the list of bloggers and have stopped by most of the blogs.  I have to admit, there are some terrific blogs I hadn’t seen until those links were left.  I have been making sure to leave a comment when I stop by.  I also took the opportunity to share their latest blog article on Twitter (and if appropriate) LinkedIn.  Finally, I added these bloggers to my Pinterest board, Blogs I Follow in hopes of getting these bloggers even more exposure.

I would like to share some of the latest blog links that were left on the Facebook page. Please take a moment to stop by and support your fellow blogger.  There are some terrific blogs out there.

If you would like to add your link to the Facebook page, there is still time. Just go to the Facebook page and scroll down to the Opportunity for Bloggers.  Leave a description of your blog with the link.  Please take a moment and “Like” our page when you stop by.

Finally, my wish is that I can see other blogs develop and hear about some amazing success stories.  Everyone should have an opportunity to shine and I would love to be right up front to root each of you on.

Fantastic Blogs from Around the Web

1.  Jill Thorold Monte My lifestyle blog, Sensational Story Time focuses on a variety of insightful topics, including, but not limited to: my quest to publish a children’s book, family life ramblings, an occasional mother/daughter book review with my 7-year-old, and when the mood hits, a restaurant or food review/critique. Check it out. Thanks Wendy! https://sensationalstorytime.wordpress.com

2.  Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom Hi Wendy — thank you for this opportunity to share my blog with your readers here on Facebook. The name of my blog is “Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom” and I write “kitchen-table” stories in an attempt to inspire and warm your heart. You can find it at http://plaintalkandordinarywisdom.com

3.  Kym Kennedy Wendy - Thank you for the opportunity to share my blog, Kym M Kennedy. I am an Alchemy Coach and Network marketer - I mostly write on Business information or Personal Development. http://www.kymmkennedy.com

4.  Agasel Says My blog is, AL en España which provides weekly updates on my journey in quitting my career in Canada and moving to Spain. It’s an interesting journey, especially when you’re in your late 30s!

5.  Positive Boomer Thanks so much Wendy. I have my Positive Boomer blog. I love to share my love for fitness, motivation and just taking good care of my health as a boomer. http://positiveboomer.net I really appreciate you. Renee

6.  Caren Osrin Gittleman Thanks so much!! I have two blogs, one is my cat blog, Cat Chat with Caren and Cody www.catchatwithcarenandcody.com

7.  Jan Harris You are a giver, thank you for this opportunity! My blog is, Harris and You which is about the environment and tips on how to keep it clean and healthy for everyone www.harrisandyou.wordpress.com.

8.  Susan P. Cooper You are the best my friend. My blog is Finding Our Way Now which is all about life; a bit of food, some wine and conversation. Here is my link for Finding Our Way Now.  http://findingourwaynow.com

9.  Christine Galli  Wendy McCance, this is tres cool! My blog is called Efficiency Quotient and has tips and tricks and business and some personal information/inspiration. From your biggest fan, @ChristineGalli

10.  Wanda Sue Maxey The name of my blog is Living Faith, Loving Laughter and Sharing Hope. I blog to help others whose lives have been touched by verbal & emotional abuse. http://wandasmaxey.com

11.  Lynne Cobb’s Writing Corner Thanks, Wendy! My blog focuses on life; a bit of opinion, a few reviews, and a lot of perspective. Check out Lynne Cobb’s Random Ramblings at http://lynnecobb.com

12.  Lorraine Reguly Wording Well offers blogging, writing, and freelancing tips. http://wordingwell.com

13.  Darlene Nemeth Let it Shine is a blog about crafting, gratitude, crocheting and detailed tutorials http://mylittleshopoftreasures.blogspot.ca/

Wendy McCance

Wendy McCance

Wendy McCance is a Michigan based freelance writer and social media consultant. Wendy has gained attention as the founder of the popular blog Searching for the Happiness which can be viewed in 9 local papers online, including the Oakland Press. The combination of writing skills and social media knowledge is what makes Wendy such a powerhouse to work with. Stay tuned for opportunities to advertise, guest post and as always, have your questions answered.

To contact Wendy McCance about a writing or social media assignment, interview or speaking engagement, please email her at: [email protected]
Wendy McCance

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11 thoughts on “Everyone Should Have A Success Story

  1. Wendy, I appreciate the mention. I know we’re all in the same boat… at times… but I think each of us freelancers has something of value to offer!

    By the way, this mention came as a surprise. Generally I’m notified whenever someone links to Wording Well. Not this time. Good thing I check your blog once a week! 😉

    Glad I didn’t miss the opportunity to thank you as well!

  2. Thank you, Wendy, for the mention and your gift of generosity in sharing these blogger links with us so we can visit and help attract more traffic to their site. You have some talented fellow bloggers and I’m honored to be included among them. 🙂

  3. Wendy,

    Thank you SO much. You’re a real sweetheart for helping to promote others.
    May it come back to you in abundance:)
    Wanda S.

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