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Article by Wendy McCance

“I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” Thomas Jefferson


Have you ever wondered how some people seem to naturally have luck?  I remember being in my 20’s, trying to make something of my life and struggling horribly.

Looking back, I see the flaws that made it tough for me to move ahead.  I didn’t have someone in my life that was older, more experienced and who I admired to give me advice or mentor me.  On top of that, I was personally lost.  I just didn’t know what I wanted to accomplish.  Each move I made was truly hit or miss.  I would compared myself to others and feel that everyone seemed to know just what to do.  I just couldn’t understand why I was so lost?  What was I missing?  I also wasn’t acknowledging or celebrate the times I ended up getting just what I wanted.  I was already looking ahead to what my next step would be.  Not taking a moment to enjoy a successful moment backfired because I wasn’t noticing the good things and focused too hard on what was going wrong.

After all of these years, I wonder what the turning point had been that finally got me on the right track.  I just can’t seem to pinpoint the aha moment. What I do know is that over time I found specific ways of thinking and working that had a profound effect on the amount of luck I started having. It’s ironic because the more I worked towards the things that mattered to me, the more luck I was having.  I could bust my butt at a job I didn’t care for or wasn’t truly passionate about and I wouldn’t see the same results.  Nope, the trick turned out to be enjoying what I was doing.  It’s what finally got me into such a lucky place.

Here are several things I’ve learned that improved the luck I have been having.

1.  Happiness in your career equals expanded opportunities. When you love what you do, you spend more time doing it.  The more time and effort put into something you are passionate about the greater success you will have.

2.  Positive energy draws others toward you.  You are putting increased energy out into the world.  It is positive and people pick up on what others enjoy.  Everyone wants to be surrounded by those who are happy and satisfied.  Those same people are more likely to feel motivated to help someone who seem happy about what they are doing.

3.  Helping others will help you too.  I’m not saying to help others with the expectation that you will be personally rewarded.  I am suggesting that helping others is another way to increase positive energy and create more opportunities.  Maybe it’s karma, but what you put out into the world does come back in the same manner.  If you are happy helping others and go out of your way to provide encouragement, advice and support, the same will come back your way.

4.  There’s no such thing as a setback.  It’s all in the way you view an experience.  What seems like a disaster is often a better opportunity in disguise.  You might not see the positive aspects of a moment that seem like failure, but guaranteed, you’ll look back on the experience one day and see why it was beneficial.

5.  There is no such thing as imperfection.  As long as you are open to change and are constantly learning, what might seem like imperfection to one person can be a perfect catalyst for opportunity for another.  The trick is to stay in motion.  Read new material, ask questions, try out new things and you will be bound to hit on something that might not have gotten you there perfectly, but is the best solution for you.

6.  Block out negative noise.  There will always be people who will say something negative.  Maybe they can’t see your vision or they would be terrified to take the risks you have no problem taking.  They might possibly be convinced there is only one tried and true path or they are just a negative personality.  Whatever the case or reason for the bad vibes, ignore them. They will do nothing to help you along and can bring all of the momentum you have created to a standstill if you let it.  Have confidence in yourself. Rely on how you feel and don’t worry about other opinions.

7.  Promotion is key.  The internet has made it so easy to promote yourself and get your name out there.  When you have an opportunity, share some good information, connect with others you would like to know, help others find answers or share their content.  The more you get your name out on the web, the more possibilities will be presented to you.  LinkedIn groups, having a blog, connecting on Facebook and sharing good content on Twitter are all great ways to promote yourself.

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