It’s Amazing How Things Fall Into Place

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Article by Wendy McCance

I’m having one of those days where everything is falling into place nicely.  I have been working at the real estate office for a few weeks now and have been held up from connecting with people because my license hasn’t come into the main office yet.

Without my license I can’t apply for the National Realtors Association.  Without this membership, I don’t have access to the MLS listings and can’t see new homes on the market before it hits the public.  I am also unable to sign a contract until my license is available.  Trying to stay busy and feel productive has been a challenge.

I went into the office today and while I was on the computer, one of the realtors came up to me and wanted to see how I was doing.  They have been a real estate agent since the late 60′s if you can believe it.  Talk about a perfect person to get some advice from.  The agent talked about how they got started and different tactics they used to drum up some business.

After talking with the realtor, I was thinking about what my goal for the day should be.  I want to work in a particular area and need to get my name out there.  It occurred to me that I should take advantage of what materials would be easy to put together and most importantly, what items were free to use in the office.  Right now I am working as bare bones as possible since no money has been generated yet.

I decided that a good, cheap way to get my name out into the community that I want to work in was to put together some flyers.  There was a template with the real estate companies logo, so I used that and just filled in the rest with an introductory letter.  The letter stated that I was the neighborhood realtor and that I wanted to introduce myself.  I wrote about where the market was at and that I would be happy to help anyone looking to buy or sell a home.  I printed up 100 flyers and left to deliver them to the neighborhood.  I put a flyer on each mailbox.  I had the opportunity to speak with a few neighbors who were out while I took my walk.  I felt like I had accomplished something important and the best part was that it was all entirely without cost to me.  Just spending some time talking with the realtor in the office really got my head going in the right direction.

Later in the day I wrote about my latest week in the office and what I was working on for my blog, Adventures in Real Estate.  No sooner had I finished writing the post, I got a call from a friend I haven’t spoken with in a few weeks.  She said that she had just read my blog and had some advice on ways to generate some business.  Her husband is in sales and her father was a realtor.  She had some great tips on ways to drum up some business as well as some advice on how to keep records for the tax season.

The best days are the days when you have no idea what you are going to do, but things just naturally fall into place.  The more work I did, the more good fortune fell into my lap.  I am grateful to those people who appear out of nowhere with some good advice and a kindness in wanting to help and support others just because it is their nature.  It’s truly amazing how things really do just fall into place.

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Wendy McCance

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  1. Excitement is the inner spiritual compass; thats why the universe made it feel good! Taking action in each moment on the one thing that provides the most excitement, that you can act on in that moment - is the path, and the organizing principle that manifests your inner desires.

  2. How cool is that when it happens. There is a quote that really fit your article. It is; “The harder I work to luckier I get”. I predict you will be very lucky my friend. :)

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