The Magic of Music. The Power to Create.

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Article by Wendy McCance

Music.  There is something about it.  The beat, the lyrics the feelings that are evoked.  When I listen to music my mind calms down and focuses in on what I am doing in the most exquisite way.  All falls away and I want to create.

My best moments cooking, drawing or writing happens when I have music playing.  It’s almost as though a switch deep in my brain flips on and the creativity stored deep inside flows out in the most amazing ways.

I have had so many moments where I have felt blocked emotionally and could not reach the depths of my soul to bring to life what was hidden deep inside.  Struggling, I turn on some music.  The magic of music is that I can listen to any piece and the lid is lifted.  Slowly the artistry comes alive again. I can weave a tale or draw what I thought was impossible.  The music taking away my inhibitions and walls that have blocked what lay beneath the creative realm of my being.

Give me a good drum beat and I feel powerful.  My soul comes alive and the words pour out.  The images come alive and my fingers tap away on the keyboard as if I am a puppet controlled by strings and I don’t know who the master puppeteer is.  My mind can’t keep up with the words flying across the page.  All comes pouring out and lays before me. A story I have yet to read. One I didn’t know existed beneath the layers of my awareness.

Music for me is magical.  It’s a powerful way to get to the thoughts buried so deeply that I have trouble accessing them by staring at a blank page.  You would think that the music would distract as I type along, but somehow the music becomes a beautiful rhythm behind the words I am creating.  All comes alive and a thought-provoking piece sits before me as if it was pasted together by some unforeseen force that took over my body and wrote the words out for me to sign my name to.

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Wendy McCance

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4 thoughts on “The Magic of Music. The Power to Create.

  1. I am remembering from when I was a kid right now when my sister used to play piano, and I used to accompany her on guitar and we played Neil Diamond’s songs and others. It’s a funny thing, but today is her birthday. She died a few years ago, and that was a good memory I had of her just now… In fact some of my best memories with my sister were accompanying her on my acoustic guitar at the little piano bench in the old house. Sure she was eleven years older than me, but that kind of united us as brother and sister. Our interest in music.

    • I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful memories. It’s amazing how even just hearing a song can bring back a memory you had forgotten about. It’s pretty cool though.

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