Why Do Some People Get All The Lucky Breaks?


Article by Wendy McCance

Why do some people get all the lucky breaks is a theme you hear quite often. It seems as though some people have some magic ability to draw in all the right opportunities while others flounder trying to get ahead. Why are some people so lucky in life? What do they know that others don’t? Read on and I’ll tell you their secret.

Several years ago when I was just starting my career as I writer I worked with a marketing agency on a freelance basis. One of their clients was a woman who had created a skin line. I would be interviewing her and then writing up a press release about her for the company to distribute.

I spoke to the woman by phone and I only spoke with her once. That one conversation left a big impression on me. The woman was so nice and appreciative of my help and she was so very enthusiastic about her products. She talked about how the products were made with only natural ingredients, how she had given some products to some people with cancer for free who could only tolerate the purest ingredients on their skin and how those people were thrilled with the results.

The stories were inspiring, the products were impressive, her enthusiasm was contagious and I got off the phone wondering how I could help her succeed in her business. I called the owner at the marketing firm to let him know that I had spoken with the woman and to tell him how long before he would have the press release in hand. I ended up raving about the woman and basically asking if there was anything else I could do to help her out. I just felt this urgent need to see her become successful.

My oldest daughter has the ambition and fierce determination to become a dancer. She is dedicated to her craft and open to any help she can get. She is extremely enthusiastic and always grateful for the positive experiences and feedback that she receives. She has no ego and is always smiling and happy when she dances or talks about dancing. She has that “it” factor. She is able to achieve the exact same response from people that I had when I spoke with the woman who had the skin care line. The excitement is contagious and you just can’t help but want to jump in and help her get to her goal.

I just recently connected with a woman who is a very talented singer and songwriter. She is very sweet and on the quiet side and you would never guess what talent she hides. She is very smart and definitely has her eyes on the prize. Talking with her and hearing all she has done to give herself the best shot at success is impressive. She also has that “it” factor. Her whole face lights up when she talks about music or what she is doing to create a great future for herself.

I feel very fortunate to have connected with her. She is teaching me about the songwriting process (a bucket list item for me) and I am working on her social media platforms. I am so excited for her that I am more interested in making sure she has her social media sites set up and running perfectly that I spending time working on the songwriting. Partly, I must admit is because I absolutely love what I do. I thrive on being able to create something that will help propel the success of others. But, in this case,it’s her energy that makes me want to jump in and help out. I just know she is going to go far in her career and I can’t help but want to do all I can to help her along.

I was talking with my daughter the other day and she started ticking off all of the incredible experiences she has been having. The opportunities that have presented themselves have been exhilerating. Other dancers reaching out to give her critiques of her abilities. Dance teachers offering private lessons to help her perfect her technique and get her ready to join a company, offering her a chance to join a crew to dance in a fashion show, an offer for her to co-create choreography with a dance teacher, making sure she is writing her experiences down on a resume and so on.

It’s amazing how many people have jumped in to guide her. These are people who just offered to help. She wasn’t going up to them asking for anything. Even her boss at her job (a job completely unrelated to dancing) came in one day and gave her information on an opportunity to try out for a show. He had heard from a friend that a production was looking for dancers and was excited to pass on the information to my daughter. It seems everyone around her is rooting her on.

You always here about how following your dream leads to success. Just pursue your passion and the rest will fall into place. It’s true! I’ve witnessed it time and time again. It’s the excitement of what you are doing, the spark of enthusiasm that you exude. The fierce determination to see your dreams realized that people are so attracted to.

Most people fall into a pattern of comfort. Deep down they have dreams they wish to pursue, but they feel they don’t have the skills, the money, the fearlessness or the ambition to see it through. There are also the people who have been there. Who have chased the dream and seen it through and who recognize it in others just starting down the same path. Both groups of people are attracted to those who set out to make the most of their lives. These are the people who will go out of their way to give advice, show you where opportunities lie and will support and encourage you wherever possible.

If you are brave enough to pursue your dreams and passionate enough about what you want to do, you will get the lucky breaks. People will appear out of nowhere to guide you. Opportunities will present themselves and helping to propel you ahead. Situations you could never see presenting themselves will appear. All the experiences will put you in a place where success is possible. If you have the ambition, a strong work ethic and a desire to see it through even during the bad times, you will most certainly succeed in your endeavor.

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Wendy McCance

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6 thoughts on “Why Do Some People Get All The Lucky Breaks?

  1. Law of Attraction rules! When we operate at a higher vibration of love or above, and give thanks for every little thing, we see how rich in abundance we are. It’s so easy to be lucky - lucky = positive. The yucky stuff in life happens to everyone. We all have suffering. Honestly for me it’s a comfort knowing that. So I can practice compassion for myself and others - and be open to and grateful for the nudges from the universe that urge me forward on this path of delight. Like Wayne Dwyer says, you gotta believe it to see it. Thanks for another great blog, dear Wendy!

  2. Hi Wendy! I truly believe that there are “unseen forces” who will help and guide us when we commit ourselves to our goals and intentions. I also like the quote by Seneca… ““Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Never give up! ~Kathy

  3. “The smarter and better I work, the luckier I am” My take on Thomas Jefferson’s quote. Wendy, I fully believe in luck and lucky breaks, but our genuine attitude has some part in them coming like we like, want and all of that. I admit that I am a genuinely incurable optimist and you have to find the good in all..
    . I know life is not easy. But my reality, like W. Clement Stone’s is that of an inverse paranoid. There is ALWAYS good and ALWAYS understanding if you really need it and genuinely look for it. After all the smarter and better I work, not fruitlessly harder, the luckier I am. Thank you for your post Wendy.

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