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Article by Wendy McCance

After spending so much time away from the house or just lounging around enjoying the slower summer pace, I decided I needed to make some proper dinners and really tackle doing a deep cleaning of the house.

Yesterday was one of those days when intense ambition took over and I tackled my list of things to do. I began my day armed with a grocery list. The night before had been spent going over the odds and ends that we were out of in the house that never seem to get remembered once you enter the supermarket. Items like honey, a cleaning scrub I use for deep cleaning a few times per year and some not often used spices were added to the list.

I then grab some cookbooks and wrote down a weeks worth of dinners. I tend to be better at cooking meals in the winter when the days are rigidly scheduled with school and activities and meals need to be perfectly orchestrated between the chaos.

Summertime is a laid back time of year. It’s when we grab a bite on the run between swimming and visiting friends. The refrigerator stays well stocked with fresh produce. There is always a salad made and many times a few spreads for sandwiches such as egg or chicken salad. Each summer, the kitchen gets an overhaul and all of the junky snack food that fills a school lunch bag get eliminated from the cupboards. Everything that gets stocked is fresh and healthy and brightly colored. Unless someone decides to do a little baking and a cake or some brownies are whipped up, the kitchen stays mostly clear of sugary foods.

So, I went grocery shopping and restocked the kitchen. Honestly, there is nothing like going into a kitchen that has just been filled with fresh food that makes my heart skip a beat.

Next, I began cleaning. Not the every week type of cleaning, but the pull down the shower curtains and throw then in a washer while window sills and cabinet doors are washed down. Deep cleaning each room was what I was aiming for.

The day was long, and I kept busy long after the sun had set for the day, but it felt great to see the rooms sparkle.

Today I woke up and realized I overdid it. I figured I was taking on too much for one day. But, you know ambition, when you feel like doing something that is usually dreaded, taking advantage of that feeling and plowing through feels like a great accomplishment.

Today will be a day to relax in the house. Enjoy all the hard work I did and sit back and take it all in. There is nothing like sitting in a sparkling clean home, refrigerator well stocked and nothing much on the agenda to do other than read, and nap and take in a show. Oh yeah, and cook a meal later today.

Wendy McCance

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