When a Writer Struggles to Write

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Article by Wendy McCance

For close to two months, I have been struggling to write.  I’m not talking about writing for clients, that’s easy because it isn’t personal and the topic is given to you.  Writing for others has always been easy for me.  What I have been struggling with is writing for myself.

There was a time when I had so much to say that it was difficult to limit myself to just one post in a day.  There were many times when I would post two articles, one in the morning and one in the evening.  My head was full of questions, observations and curiosities that I wanted to discuss with the people who would stop by to read this blog.

Every time I sat down at the computer, my mind would take off and I would type without thinking about it.  The words just poured out in the same way as if I was having a conversation with a long-lost friend.  There was just so much to ask and catch up on.

I have always had an easier time writing for myself when I am upset, confused or mystified by something happening in my life.  These last few months, I have been overwhelmed with many personal challenges.  You would think writing would be a cinch, but my mind has gone numb.  I am feeling such an overload of emotions that I can’t seem to pull out individual ideas and touch on them.  I sit down at the computer, try to type out a few words, and then end up staring at the page not knowing what else to say.  I have a pile of drafts with a few uninspired sentences.  The pages were all abandoned because I couldn’t pull anything else out of my head.

I have felt like I am mourning the death of my creativity.  It just feels as though it’s gone.  I lost that thing that made writing for myself such a breeze.  If this is writers block, it is mentally draining.  I have been terrorizing myself with the notion that maybe I will never get it back.  I can’t understand where it went to in the first place, but I miss it terribly.

If you have ever felt sad and wanted to cry just to get the emotion out of you, but couldn’t seem to shed a tear, that’s exactly what this feels like.  I have had personal losses in my life where I was so grief-stricken that I was numb.  Being numb and unable to express yourself on paper is even worse.

So this is my attempt to get my voice back.  I needed to exercise that part of my brain that used to be able to knock out a personal story with ease.  Hopefully, I will find my way back to that place where writing for myself is easy and the stories just come pouring out.

I’m curious, have you experienced a writing block like the one I have described?  Share your experiences in the comment section below.  If you have found a way to kick start the writing process when you got stuck, by all means, share your story.  I’d love some advice.


Wendy McCance

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10 thoughts on “When a Writer Struggles to Write

  1. Oh Wendy, I know just how this feels. I haven’t been over to you for so long and I apologise for that. i am struggling to keep up with blogging and writing my memoir as well as submitting other writing, not to mention other family ‘stuff’. We went away for a week in July and for some strange reason after we returned I really struggled with my writing for a lot of reasons. Then I wrote a post around some photographs and what came out was that I was feeling fearful - of rejection and of success if that makes sense. After I wrote it, I felt that I had put my line in the sand, got it out there, and suddenly, afterwards, I felt so much better. In the writing of it and then as I just kept writing, well, more writing followed and I felt that familiar creativity surge again. It left me for a few months and I was very down about it. But, and I know it sounds cliche, that old addage to just keep writing really is true. Anyway, I hope this helps in some way 🙂

  2. I struggle with writing all the time because I’m dyslexic, entirely different kind of struggle I know, but a struggle nonetheless. All I can do is encourage you to just push forward. I’m quite certain this is just a temporary block and once things in your life settle down you’ll get your writing groove back. 🙂

  3. Wendy,
    Beautifully & Caringly written, from the Heart again.
    Contrary to your fears, you are experiencing something other than ‘the death of my creativity’.
    I’ve been there too -*- Keep the faith -*->
    You have the key ongoing ingredient: ‘Compassion’
    This consists of a blend of ‘Patience & Passion’.
    Be Patient -*- Add Support -*- The Heartfelt Flow Will Return …

    I wish you WELL-*->

  4. Wendy, you did just the right thing: you got down to it and wrote!! Write anything! Make a To-Do list, plan a party/vacation, take notes when your internet surfing. Just write anything, and soon your muse will return. Creativity doesn’t die, sometimes it just needs a kick-start.

    • Beverly, I think this time around it needs a major push. I have to admit that once I was done writing, there was a tiny bit of releif that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I know you are right. I’ll just keep writing.

  5. I can only say, relax and trust higher mind, it always knows what you need. I know, that sounds like hackneyed advice, but it does work for me the way I do it when I come into small blocks….

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