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Article by Wendy McCance

I was on Facebook this morning and saw a post with two comments that really upset me.  I was looking at recent postings and found a couple who had ganged up on another Facebook user with their take on what is proper to put on Facebook.

This friend of mine is very active on Facebook.  He is always posting pictures or commenting on what his family is up to or sharing something interesting he found on the web.  He also has a job where advertising to the public is how he makes his money. His job is based 100% on commission.  On occasion, he will post information on a home up for sale.  This only happens when there is an open house.  My feed is never flooded with homes he has up for sale.  He shares his work in a very tasteful manner.  I am friends with several realtors and they do the same thing to different degrees.  I see nothing wrong with it, and actually, I find it helpful as I know people looking for homes.

I have seen people post cars they have for sale.  People post when they are selling their own home.  Our family posted when we were selling some items in our house.  I know authors who share books they are selling.  I know entrepreneurs who ask if you would like their Facebook page.  I know people who have a side business and will post when they will be selling their product at a local fair.

The two comments that popped up were from what looked like a husband and wife (don’t know them personally).  The first person berated the guy who posted about the open house saying it wasn’t appropriate to post something about their job on Facebook.  The second person chimed in and said the same thing and added that they should set up a page for those type of posts.  I was so infuriated that these people called this guy out right on his page that I wrote defending the action.

Here’s the thing, my personal take on Facebook is that I am connecting to friends and family.  I want to know all about their life, not just the censored bits and pieces.  If I was talking on the phone, or in person to a friend, they would have mentioned the open house the same as they did on their wall.  The person is not being spammy.  It’s not like their whole Facebook wall shows each listing as though you are looking at a real estate site.

About 75% of my Facebook friends mention when they have something going on work wise and I like it that way.  It shows that they are being open with their life.  It gives me a chance to show support for them and we all end up rallying around each other.  It’s part of what makes friendships so special.  You share your life and get support and love from friends and you do the same for them.

Bottom line — if you don’t want to see some postings, there are settings so you can be as picky as you want about what pops up.  If you are that annoyed by another person and what they choose to discuss, don’t friend them on Facebook.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think it is okay to share work related posts?  Has someone ever posted something you thought was inappropriate?  Did you block their posts or unfriend them?  Leave a comment below with your take on the topic.

Wendy McCance

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14 thoughts on “Facebook Etiquette

  1. I agree with you fully Wendy. If anyone doesn’t like what one writes on their own personal wall they get just not read it. Sheesh. Some people can be so catty. I wish there just was more ‘kindness’ in our world. Thanks Wendy. Another great post. Have a good afternoon. Renee :)

  2. I 100% agree with you, Wendy. For two main reasons: 1) it’s a personal wall - people can put up whatever they like on their own walls. If you don’t like it, your choices are to change your settings so you don’t have to see it, or unfriend the person. 2) Whinging about things like facebook posts really makes me wonder if people have a sense of perspective about the world… there are some real issues out there they could put their energy into, not whether they are annoyed by real estate posts on social media!

  3. I don’t see the problem with what your friend did nothing wrong at all with posting about something that has to do with their job, damn some people really need a reality check and get over it

  4. I would rather see work-related posts than divisive, politically-charged statements and memes. If I can help a family member, friend, or business associate through social media, I will do so. In my opinion, it is networking. Also, I think it is very rude to publicly call someone out on something online. That can be done via instant messaging, not humiliation. If I don’t like what someone posts, I will simply not read what is there. Just my two cents 😉

    • Thanks for your comment Lynne. It’s funny, I cringe when I see the political statements, but I have been lucky, the comments I have seen come from my friends own friends and not from people I have personally connected to. It’s a relief.

  5. I agree with you 100% He removed the post, and I told him there was nothing wrong with it. When he said he would post it on his business page. I told him he would miss potential clients that way. The post is back on his page.

  6. My opinion is that it is a free country and people can post anything they want to post. If you don’t like what someone posts then you can block their posts from your feed. It is as simple as that. No need for drama. Telling someone what they can post is like telling someone what they can or cannot say. Not cool

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