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Article by Wendy McCance

Fall is my favorite time of year. Going back as far as I can remember, the fall has been a special time of year for me.

I love the coziness of the season.

Warm sweaters and cocoa by the fire.

Crunching leaves and crisp cool air.

Farmers markets and cider mills.

Bales of hay and tractor rides.

Pumpkins sitting on the porch.

Gray skies against colorful trees.

Cozy blankets and reading on weekends.

Caramel apples and pecan pies.

Baking season and holidays.

Stylish boots and mulled wine.

Dressing up and decorating the house.

The smell of potpourri and a cup of hot tea.

Candles and comfort food.

College football and crock pot cooking.

Fall is that time of year when life gets just a bit more cozy. Out come the blankets and the pillows. Books are strewn throughout the room. The kitchen always smells like heaven and the house feels alive with activity.

There’s just no other time of year quite like this. It’s a magical time when nature is more noticed and appreciated. A time when more effort is put into seeing family and friends. Another school year and the excitement of the holidays. If I could pack these four months up and make them last a full year, I would.

As I’m writing this, the sky is gray. It’s raining and the weather is mild. I have an over-sized blanket on my lap and a cup of green tea right beside me. The window behind me is cracked open so I can listen to the rain. I can hear cars driving down the street as I write. I get a thrill each time I hear the swish a car makes as it drives through a puddle of rain. I am content. Enjoying my favorite time of year.

Wendy McCance

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