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Interview by Wendy McCance

Today I would like to introduce Claire Cappetta. Out of every interview I have ever done, I have never interviewed someone with as much passion and determination towards a cause as Claire has. Her dedication towards creating support for people needing to break free of abuse in as safe a manner as possible will impact numerous lives in the most positive way imaginable.

Claire’s story of how Clarified Lifeline was born and the path that brought her to where she is today speaks to the strength all of us ultimately possess. Claire is proof that a horrific experience can be turned into something so positive that it can help to change the lives of many people around the world.

Please let me introduce you to Claire. I promise you will be inspired.

 1. Hello Claire, thank you for taking the time today to share what you are doing for those in abusive relationships. Let’s begin with how Clarified Lifeline came about?

I had a relationship which I was trying to end but my ex didn’t want to believe it was over and started to stalk me. He slept in his car for four months, just yards away from my house. He would follow me everywhere I went. He called constantly on his phone. It was frightening.

When I was a teenager, I had been raped by one of my best friends, but now my ex stalking me I found more terrifying. It was the unknown of what he was going to do next. I found out one evening when he pushed his way into my home. I was a single parent and scared for my children. He punched me hard knocking me to the ground, I had blacked out because when I came round I was tied to my kitchen chair.

For a week I was either tied to the chair, which was all night, not being allowed to sleep or had to appear like everything was normal for my children. I couldn’t go to the bathroom, take a shower alone without him standing there. He had repeated over and over how only death would separate us and if I called out or did anything wrong he would kill us all.

Finally, I convinced him I would be a “good girl” and that he was right, that I loved him and had been stupid not to see it, knowing he wanted to go out to a meeting. After hugging and kissing him, reassuring him, he left the house, thinking he could return later that evening. I phoned my father, exhausted from lack of sleep, I could hear his voice saying hello and then calling my name, but I couldn’t speak, only remembering to be able to squeak quietly “Dad.” I collapsed.

I have thought about how many people go through this, I know I’m not alone. How many people are attacked and can’t call for help. What if we could at the simple press of a button? I thought about how I could have quietly called for help when I was cooking, or washing dishes! What if I could have called for help when, as a teenager I was raped?

This is why I am developing the Clarified Lifeline, to help people call for help.

2. What is the Clarified Lifeline mission?

The mission is not only to help saves lives but help mental health incorporating body, mind and soul.

3. What is the Clarified Lifeline panic device and why would someone use it?

The Clarified Lifeline is being developed to save lives and get help quickly. Whether you have to walk home alone from work or class, if you are attacked a simple push on the button will call a help center which can call the emergency services for you. Once you press the button, a GPS signal is activated, giving the emergency services your location. It records what is happening for use as evidence in a court of law. There are many personal alarms on the market but many look like plastic, can be bulky and they look like alarms. Our alarm looks like a beautiful piece of jewelry.

4. How much does the device cost?

 The device and the app itself are FREE. The only cost is a $5 monthly subscription fee.

5. How does someone pay for a device if they are afraid someone might see what they are paying for?

Many personal alarms are expensive at around $145, and that is a difficult amount for someone who is in an abusive relationship to explain away on a bank statement as abusers often look at everything, including bank statements. If an abuser looks at the bank statement it will show as a Mindfulness/Meditation App, it will be easy for the victim to explain. It can also be purchased by a friend, relative, charity etc.

6. Are there any other products or features you offer?

When we are in an abusive or violent relationship, it is very stressful. We forget dates, times events, our minds become confused. It is hard to untangle our thoughts and stay focused, which is why an app accompanies the device. It helps the wearer to stay focused and record events as they happen. I remember the police asking me for evidence of my stalker and it was difficult to try and collate everything. The app helps the wearer do this. There is a Journal for recording events and a picture folder to keep screen captures of texts. We are incorporating Mindfulness to teach staying in the moment, not panicking about the future and meditation to help reduce stress and anxiety. There is also a course for CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to help understand emotions and reduce the onset of PTSD.

7. What countries will these products work in?

It will initially be available in the US and United Kingdom, but our goal is to make it available worldwide.

8. Tell us a little about the Clarified Lifeline Campaign.

We are selling t-shirts, mugs and tote bags through Teespring with the Clarified Lifeline logo to help raise awareness and funds. We have also launched an Indiegogo Campaign with special perks for those who would love to be part of the Clarified Movement, to help bring the device to market and help spread clarity and awareness.

9. What other ways can people support the Clarified Lifeline?

Be part of the journey with us, subscribe to our website for up to date news on the journey. You can place an advance order for the device at $5 through Paypal on our website or become part of the Clarified Tribe team as investors from as little as $100 and up.

 As we sell t-shirts and sweatshirts through Teespring, we would love to see pictures of you supporting us and wearing these items on Facebook and Twitter. We will even give you a FREE eBook copy of Rekindle Your Inner Sparkle by Claire Cappetta and a shout out on launch day to thank you for supporting us and the journey of the alarm and app. Ultimately we want to create a tribe, a movement towards safety and healing because being safe shouldn’t be complicated!

10. Can you share your website and any other social media platforms people can connect to?

Our website is: and you can sign up for our newsletter on the website

You can find our T-shirts on Teespring at:



Instagram: @cappettaclaire




The App will be available in August and the Device available in November. At this time you can register for the device and pay $5 on our website and be one of the first to receive it. The $5 covers the first months’ subscription.

Don’t forget! Claire is raising funds with an Indiegogo Campaign at: and a Teespring Campaign, selling t-shirts and mugs at

Thank you for your interest and support!


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