Kids Can Be So Funny

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Article by Wendy McCance

I went to my daughter’s play tonight.  It was the first play she has ever been in and I was a proud mama.  Before the play began, I was flipping through the program I was given and began reading the cast biographies.  All of the kids had to write their own biography, and this is what my 6th grader wrote:

Christina C. (Villager) - (6th grade) loves to hang out with BFF’s Kate R., Natalie B., Autumn C., and Anne S.  She hates to be sent to the Principal’s office for throwing cheese.

(I swear on my life this is what she submitted for publication in the program for the play she is in).

My first thought was how funny and clever her biography sounded, this was followed by my second reaction of what the heck is she talking about and THE PRINCIPAL”S OFFICE?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

One of Christina’s best friend’s mom sat behind us and I asked her if she had read what Christina had written.  She hadn’t, but read it and then had the same reaction as me.  This was followed by a, “what were those girls thinking?”

A little background about these kids- When my daughter was in elementary school, there was a horse club.  The group of girls that my daughter mentioned above were all in the horse club along with some extra kids who were lucky enough to get an invitation (I’m being sarcastic).  There was one girl who led the group and she was the “lead horse.”  This was a serious club.  If you were invited to join, you had to “train” to be a horse.  This was done by being lead around by a more experienced horse.  You learned how to gallop and much of recess was spent practicing these skills.

Some of the girls would complain to their mom’s that they enjoyed being in the horse club, but galloping around at recess would get a little tiring after a while.  These are the issues these little  girls were dealing with.  The process was very intense (being sarcastic again).

There was also a club for boys and girls (although mainly the boys joined).  This group was the cheese club.  To be in this club, you had to have an absolute love for cheese.  It had to consume your thoughts and cheese was eaten quite often.  The boy who started this club loved cheese so much that he wrote stories about it.  For his birthday, he passed out cheese as his treat (I’m not kidding).

This brings me to my daughter’s comment on her program.  Apparently someone brought in a slice of american cheese for lunch.  It was not inside a sandwich, it was just all by itself.  Well apparently a cheese fight broke out.  It ended with someone throwing it onto the ceiling to see if it would stick.  It fell down at a teacher’s feet and the result was a trip to the principal’s office.

Aw the good old days.  I get a kick out of these stories.  It transports me back to my own childhood and the ridiculous things that my friends and I used to do.  I hope you enjoyed this story.  Kids can be so funny sometimes.

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10 thoughts on “Kids Can Be So Funny

  1. That is funny. Reminds me of the time a teacher mentioned liking apples. Even though it was “illegal” to take any food from the lunch room, the next day they had apples over 25 kids saved theirs and placed them all on her desk. She took it well.

    The funny part was when another teacher came in to ask a question. The other teacher didn’t say anything about the apples on the desk, walked out, and then looked back in the door and asked, “Are you going to eat all of those?” She said, “no.” He came back in, picked one up and said, “Thanks, I missed lunch.” and walked back out.

    • That’s a great story. I was thinking about your question again today and I really believe what worked was describing what types of writing/social media I do and what types of companies/people I work for. People were able to envision what I do and naturally thought about if they had a need for those services. Funny, the first two people who went were in charge of the meeting. They demonstrated an elevator speech. They said their name, occupation, how long they have had that career, what they liked about their job and summed it up again at the end. They didn’t say how their job could be of value to the other people in the room.

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