Let’s Make America Great Again







Article by Wendy McCance

Note: My personal thoughts concluding the 2016 Election.


I keep seeing the same message on different social media platforms: What do I tell my children?

Here’s what I want my children to know: This election has shown that America is broken. We have gone backward in time. People are being feared instead of embraced if they appear different in any way. If you are a different race or religion, a woman, disabled etc… you are not on equal footing with the rest of the country. The people of this country have elected a president based on fear, desperation, and a low tolerance for anyone that appears in any way different from themselves.

What should we do during such trying times?

Demonstrate your own power to change the circumstances surrounding you. Show respect and kindness towards others. Help someone in need. Stand up for anyone who is being bullied. Treat everyone equally. We are all cut from the same cloth no matter what we look like, what our religion is, or what are personal choices are. The only way to make “America Great” is to be great to those around us. Hatred, bigotry, racism and xenophobia have no place in a society looking to live peacefully. A peaceful society begins with peaceful people.

Wendy McCance

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