Making Money on a Product Review Site- Part 2

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Article by Wendy McCance
Part 2

Now that you have read my article on How to Make Money Using Product Review Sites- Part 1, I would like to give you the most valuable information of all.  Below is a list of sites I have signed up for as well as my personal review of what I have experienced with the sites.

  • Influenster This was the first site I signed up for.  It’s a great way to get started and I highly recommend starting with this company. Although you aren’t paid to do a review, you do get a ton of really cool free products to try out.  The best part about starting out with Influenster is you get a step by step guide detailing what you need to do as the program you were selected for progresses. (insider secret: Don’t worry about doing a ton of reviews to up your score.  If you are well-connected on many social media sites, you will get offered many products to review).

Product reviews I have done from this site: TastyKakes, Ivory 2-in-1 soap, Schwarzkopf hair products, NYC New York Color Lip Gloss, Broadway Nails, Secret Deodorant and I was just picked to do a Colgate product.

  • SverveI think this is my favorite product review site.  The site is very straight-forward.  You sign up and will get emails when there is a product that might be right for your blog.  If you are interested, you sign up.  The company then picks which bloggers to use.  The process is simple and the pay is decent.  So far I have had 2 product reviews each paying $30.00 for a blog post.  The money is put into a PayPal account you set up.

Product reviews from this site: FCTRY Mustachifier and a t’shirt company I am currently working on.

  • Bzz Agent: This is another site that will email you when there is a possible product review opportunity.  I have only done 1 review and it looks like sometimes there is money for writing a review and sometimes you just receive a sample to write about.

Product review I did from this site: Dr. Scholl’s.  (even though I didn’t get paid, I am in the process of building up a list of companies I have written for, so I wasn’t as concerned about just receiving a free sample).

  • US Family GuideThis is a great site if you are interested in taking your family places at a discounted rate and reviewing the attraction.  You get emails when there is a possible review that fits your blog.  

Product review I am currently working on: Six Flags Great America.  I am receiving 2 free tickets that can be used between now and Sept. 15 at the amusement park in Chicago.

I’d like to note that the sites I have been happiest with are the sites above that will email you when there is a product the company feels would fit my blog.  I don’t have to spend extra time checking out the product review site itself.  I also like that these companies don’t push you to do a bunch of free reviews to up your score.  I have gotten asked to participate with a company even though I haven’t spent time writing up free reviews on these sites.

Here are some additional sites that I have signed up for, but haven’t had any experience with yet.

  1. BlogDash
  2. Blog Friendly Pr
  3. BookieBoo
  4. Brandfluential
  5. House Party (This site looks like so much fun.  If nothing else, check this one out).
  6. She Speaks
  7. Smiley 360

I hope you found some information you can use.  Like always, I’d love to hear from you.  If you have any questions about the information in this article, just ask.  I’d be happy to answer any questions I can.

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Wendy McCance

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12 thoughts on “Making Money on a Product Review Site- Part 2

  1. Its a great post and great information….. I will give a try I been searching for some companies and what I read from you sounds good to do…thank you for tje info..i

  2. Just came across your post and wanted to say thanks for the great I go and add some I go about my personal experience with some of the mentioned companies you haven’t tried yet. I have been on House Party and BzzAgent for about 6 months now and LOVE them both. As you suspected House Party is a blast and I have received some super good free stuff! BzzAgent is also really awesome! I have sampled/reviewed the most with this site and have got some really cool freebies ;) I just joined She Speaks and am still trying to figure it all out. There is also a site called Moms Meet which is really cool too with a lot of frequent reviews available, best of luck to everyone!

    • Hi Susan, I have been amazed at how many of these sites will email you with reviews that really are geared to your specific blog. My offers have been getting better too. I just got a possible assignment to write a post for green giant $100 for the post. Another offer to write for Electrolux would be $125. Product reviews really can be profitable.

  3. Again, great advice Wendy, thanks so much. I will be back to take it all in. I will just ask, however, I have recently changed my blog to an address which is my own registered domain, but it is still a WordPress blog even though my address is now Is this the same thing? Sorry if I sound like I don’t know what I’m talking about!

    • No worries, I’d be happy to answer whatever I can. I have my own domain that uses WordPress as well. if you don’t use your own domain, you can get a free account. That is the account you can’t make a profit on. Because you are have your own domain, you are fine to make money off of it, even if you use WordPress.

  4. Thank you Wendy for sharing valuable information. I hope to take the plunge and change my to a website such as yours.

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