Reflecting on What Makes Me Feel Grateful

Vintage Thanksgiving Day Postcard

Article by Wendy McCance

Today is Thanksgiving.  The children are upstairs getting ready for a full day of good food and catching up with relatives.  My husband is in the kitchen doing dishes.  He got up early today and made a dessert to bring to his parents home for Thanksgiving.  I am taking in the activities of my family and thinking about all the amazing things that I feel grateful for.

Unlike New Years where I ponder what my year was like and what I would like to change to make the next year even better and more productive, Thanksgiving is my opportunity to just absorb the wonderful things that have occurred in my life this last year.  I am always amazed at how things will develop.  I would never have predicted some of the events that changed my life this year.

This is the year that our finances finally leveled off a bit.  The stresses of making our money stretch and the worries of paying our bills is quickly becoming a distant memory.

My husband switched jobs and now has a job he loves.  His job is truly the job he has always dreamed of having.  He is content, feels challenged and is incredibly happy.

I took the leap and switched jobs as well.  I feel extremely satisfied with my choice.  I am grateful I took the chance and went after my dreams.

Two of my children live with me full-time now.  It is something I have always hoped for.  I still can’t believe that my wish for them has come true.

I have finally figured out how to juggle fibromyalgia in such a way that it doesn’t interrupt my life the way it once had.  I understand the signs of when I need to slow down and take a break.  I no longer have the highs and lows of overexertion and then days of bed rest.  There is more of a consistent way I live my life now and it feels fabulous.

Overall, this has been an incredibly satisfying year.  I am feeling energized and positive.  I can see a bright future in front of me and I’m grateful for all of the happiness this year has brought.

Hoping this has been a good year for you as well.  Hopefully you have had some remarkably happy moments as well.  Enjoy your friends and family.  Feel grateful for the gifts you have been given this year.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Wendy McCance

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8 thoughts on “Reflecting on What Makes Me Feel Grateful

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  2. Oh wow, I just stumbled here. It’s a shame we don’t have Thanksgiving in other parts of the world. Sometimes people need a push to realise the things they’re lucky for.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Wendy! I’m so glad that your year has shaped up to be a good one for you.
    We celebrated our Thanksgiving in October in Canada so no turkey for me today (boo), but it never hurts to take a moment any day to think about our good fortunes, good friends and good family. Even when I am feeling down and depressed I recognize that I am truly a lucky woman in so many ways. My wish for all of us is to never take anything in life for granted because we just never know when circumstances will change. Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

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