Revelations and the Change of the Ten Year Mark

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Article by Wendy McCance

I don’t know about you, but I am big on review and improve as a lifestyle.  What I mean by this is every now and then I take some time to think about where I’ve been, what put me there, where I want to go and how I will make this happen.

I have my biggest revelations and attempt to reestablish myself when I am nearing another chapter in my life (the 10 year and change movement).

When I was 20, the whole world was opening up for me.  My 20′s represented freedom.

My goals:  Find the job that will allow me to move out on my own.  Actually move out on my own.  Go to school.  Get a little out of control and celebrate this new found freedom.

As I neared 30, fear took over in the form of, oh my god what have I been doing with the last ten years of my life?  It’s time to get serious and really grow up.

My goals:  Find a career not a job.  Have a savings account and 401k not just an account to pay the bills.  House, marriage, baby etc… Settle down and be a grown-up.

Nearing the big 4-0 was horrifying.  Did I accomplish all of the things that I felt I should have up until now?  

My goals:  Get rid of all of the extra bills and simplify my life.  Spend more time on hobbies and friends.  Find a new level of peace and contentment.  The heck with what seems realistic, try anything and everything I’ve always on some level ever wanted to do.

So here I am in my 40′s.  Almost half way through and much braver, stronger and fearless than ever before.  I have had so many major moments of disappointment, trials and tribulations that I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.  Heck, I don’t sweat the big stuff as much either.  These days I just jump in with a stubborn view of I can do anything and go after it.

It seems like I have come full circle in that I had the same fearlessness when I was a kid.  Years of reality smacking me in the face and throwing me through a loop made me timid and rather cowardly for a while.  Somehow I found my way back to where I began and I am racing forward towards everything I want.  Everything is possible and nothing seems too hard.  My only hesitation comes in the form of impatience.  I want it all now and find that I need to slow my brain down to give my actions a chance to get to where I see myself heading.

I can’t wait to see what will be important to me in my 50′s or even 60′s, but the journey towards my future is full of excitement and anticipation.

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Wendy McCance

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  1. What a great reflection on where you were, the road you’ve traveled and where you’re headed. I feel the excite in your words and I am so happy for you. Your future is bright and I can’t wait to see where life takes you my freind. :)

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