Snow Day

This was last year on Seymour mtn.

Article by Wendy McCance

Here in Michigan we got enough snow to receive the very valuable title of a snow day.  Yesterday the kids came home from school excited that they might get a day off from school.  Apparently the teachers were just as excited as the kids.  They decided not to assign homework because they were certain school would be called off.  One of my daughters said that some of her friends were having sleepovers because the parents were convinced that there would be no school the next day.

I remember how excited I would get about the possibility that we might get a day off due to an abundance of snow, but times have changed and wishing for snow has become more sophisticated.

When the kids came home from school yesterday, they weren’t just watching the weather reports with fascination hopeful for a day off.  Nope, these kids have ways to up their odds. My youngest daughter told me that we would need to put a bucket of water out at the street to increase our odds of a snow day.  She also insisted that if we flushed ice cubes down the toilet, we would have a better chance of snow.  The kids also said that everyone knows that if you want snow, you should sleep with a spoon under your pillow and wear your pajamas inside out.  No explanation as to why this would work, only that it would.

My son who is more technical in nature had me go to an actual snow prediction site on our laptop that would let you know if a snow day was possible.  We tested out the prediction calculator and found we had a 75% chance of a day off from school.  Even so, he still taped a penny to the window and slept with the spoon.

There must be something to these rituals because the kids are happily at home.  School was called off for the day.  Sledding is in our immediate future and so is a mug of cocoa.

If you would like to try out the weather predictor for a snow day, you can do so by going to this link:

Happy Snow Day Everyone!


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Wendy McCance

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31 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Here in Indiana the snow days cause an extension of the school year. Miss days in January and February and the school year is extended, day for day. A friend of ours son’s high school graduation day in May was postponed one whole week because of the weather-related closings in January and February.Something to think about.

    • We have a certain amount of days that can be used before the school year starts to become extended. This is our second snow day this year. In the last few years, we haven’t really seen many days off so this is especially thrilling for the kids.

  2. What a delicious post, the children sound adorable… how lucky you are to have them to enjoy being happy with! I felt so nostalgic reading about their touching little rituals and happy chatte - so precious…

  3. Here in SoCal we never get snow days. And although people always assume that it’s sunny and 75, we do actually get some chilly days- especially this year! In fact, as I type this it’s 50 and windy and raining. It’s certainly no snow day and I don’t even think spoons, buckets of water or inside out pajamas would help… but I’ll take this snuggly weather whenever I can get it;)

  4. Growing up in New York, we would go outside dressed to the gills, and woud look up to the sky, awaiting the predicted snow blizzard. Of course, nothing would happen. We looked forward to snow, so that we could use our sleds. I still love snow. Winter is my favorite season.

      • It always surprised my students that the teachers looked forward to snow days as much as they did! The best teacher snow day: you’re still snuggled in bed, and hear the announcement on the radio or TV. Then you turn over and go back to sleep. The worst: you’re up and showered, dressed and ready to go out the door. It’s 6:30 am and you’re fully awake and all ready for…nothing. However, you quickly recover ;-)

  5. I live in the snow belt, and have never heard these before. I enjoyed a good laugh at the lengths your children were willing to go to have that cherished day off. We had one winter (1976-7) where we got so much snow and the temperatures were so cold that the entire city was closed down for 6 weeks. By the end of those 6 weeks I was grateful to get out of the house even if it meant going back to school.

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