Where Did Summer Go?

Homemade chili, self made

Homemade chili, self made (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Article by Wendy McCance

I don’t know about you, but here in Michigan, summer really never seemed to take off this year.  Sure we had some pretty warm days, but those days were accompanied by some severe storms.  Overall, we either had rain or cool temperatures for most of the summer.

I think I actually got to hang out at the pool 3 times this entire summer.  My poor husband who spent much of his summer working out-of-town came back for a weekend with dreams of hanging out at his parents house.  He wanted to spend the day swimming, barbecuing and catching up.  The weather was so cool that we ended up wearing sweatshirts and watching movies inside instead.

Yesterday was the tipping point at our home.  We had company over and the kids didn’t spend too much time outside because they got cold.  I was wearing a sweater and thick socks all day.  By the middle of the afternoon, the kids were begging me to turn on the heat.  They were snuggled under blankets watching movies with their cousins.  Believe it or not, I gave in and turned the heat on in AUGUST.  The kids had a point, though.   It was 67 degrees in the house when I turned the heat on.

That night, we had a crock pot dinner.  I usually wait until September to pull out the crock pot.  It just doesn’t feel right to use a crock pot on hot summer days.  Well, last night we were all grateful to have a nice warm meal that had filled the house with warmth and good smelling food.

Where did summer go?  Is it really August, because it feels like October here?

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Wendy McCance

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12 thoughts on “Where Did Summer Go?

  1. I live in sunny San Diego and this summer’s weather was not so sunny at all!! Last summer, by the time August rolled around, my kids were begging me to take a day off from the beach. We went at least 3 times a week. This year? We’ve only gone once! Next week is our last full week of summer and I apologized profusely for our lack of beach going and promised to take them and do you know what they said? “As long as it’s not too cold. If it is, let’s just go to the movies.” Good grief!! Of course they also said it will probably finally get warm on August 29th- the day after school starts;) Wise kids.

  2. Summer is flying by in Atlantic Canada, too, but it has generally been a nice one, even with the many rainy days we had in June. I’ve actually been in the ocean three times this summer, a record for me since becoming an adult (wait-am I really an adult?)…

    Here’s hoping for a nice fall for everyone!

  3. Wow - not an issue with Floridians.

    We have two basic seasons:

    April through September - the heat index will climb to 90 + degrees before noon, then rain like mad by 4 pm. Every. Day.

    October through March - it’s perfectly gorgeous, but you wouldn’t know it because you can’t even pull out of your driveway due to the Snow Bird traffic congestion.

    I only stay here because of the theater, seriously. And we’re too broke to move. AND no place else in the country looks much better. We’ve done the research. Lots of it.

    • It’s amazing how very different your experience is than here in Michigan. I am trying to convince my husband to move to Seattle. He has been hesitant because of the rain and cooler temps. All week Seattle has been at least 10 degrees warmer than us. Plus we have had much more rain this summer than out that way. I had to point that out to him. :)

  4. I was thinking the same thing - where did summer go? Did it even get here? It is only 66 degrees inside my house. But, what a nice break on the electric bill, in addition to the 70 hours we were without power! LOL. Sure hope we don’t see snow flakes in September… :-)

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