The School Year is Almost Over

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Article by Wendy mcCance

It’s almost the end of the school year.  I always find myself reflecting on how the kids have grown and changed over the course of the year.  There were definitely some trying times, but I am so pleased at what they have accomplished and learned over the year.

This is an especially special year.  My oldest child is graduating from high school.  The experience has been surreal.  All year there were reminders of the fact that she was finishing up a big chapter in her life.

The whole year felt like a giant countdown.  There was senior pictures and signing up to attend the all night party.  There were counselling appointments to make sure she was on track to graduate and a prom to attend.

The excitement she felt was felt by me as well.  I was touched when she asked me to go dress shopping with her for her prom gown.  I was thrilled when she wanted to discuss plans for college and wanted me to help her plan out what classes she should take this next fall.

It’s a new beginning for my daughter.  I can’t believe that there is an adult standing in front of me.  The years flew by so quickly.  I am so proud of her and what a wonderful woman she has become.

My daughter’s future looks bright.  She has laid out a plan for college, a part-time job and what she sees in her future.  It’s time to take a step back and let her run with her ideas.

I think that’s the hardest part.  It’s up to her now to develop her future.  These are now her decisions to make.  I have been demoted to a lesser position.  I am in the background, ready to support her when she needs it, but only when she asks for a hand.

I think I am almost as excited for her.  This is an uncharted path for me as well.  So, together we are going to have a new adventure.  My adventure will be all about relearning how to be a mom as a spectator more than as a participant.

Thankfully I have two younger kids that still need me to put a different type of effort into guiding them.  It makes the changes that are occurring this year a little less jolting.

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  1. Our school year isn’t even half way over but then our school year runs from Jan to Dec………..I don’t know how I would feel about having school years like yours……..

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