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Article by Wendy McCance

This post is for all of the writers out there.  It is 11:15pm.  I should be in bed.  I really need the sleep.  The house is quiet and my husband and kids are all fast asleep.  I am downstairs.  I couldn’t resist.  Sitting on the sofa with my computer on my lap.  Typing quietly and quite contentedly spilling thoughts from my head.

I have a confession.  I have an addiction.  I love to write.  It haunts my days and taunts my nights.  All I want to do is find a quiet corner.  I’ll spend my time typing out my thoughts.  Churning out some stories that are dancing in my head.

I stumbled on this desire to write by accident.  I went through a rough patch and was so overwhelmed with emotion that I had to get it out of my system.  Basically I spewed my thoughts all over a computer page and became hooked in the process.

Now my days are not complete unless I can steal away some time to type up a few thoughts.  The biggest problem I face is that once I start writing, I don’t want to stop.  It feels so freeing to get my thoughts out with a few taps of the keyboard.  I look at my computer longingly when I am unable to write thinking about how much I need to get done before I can get some writing in.

If I was rich, I think I’d be in trouble.  I would be locked away at a beach house sitting on the deck with a cup of tea.  Busy on the keyboard with the sea in front of me.  The only sounds of seagulls and me, typing away, telling all of my secrets and dreams.

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24 thoughts on “The Writer Inside of Me

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  2. In a way writing is a bit like Sisyphus, the Greek King condemned by the gods to roll a boulder uphill, only to have it keep rolling back down. For him it was a constant labour that never ended. However addiction to writing might be like pushing that boulder sometimes, the rolling back, the constant reversals, sense of failures or not good enough. Then the day comes when the boulder tips over the other side - yes - you have accomplished and you realise you have found your niche - addiction complete.
    ( I get carried away sometimes, Good blog Wendy)

  3. I don’t know what it is about writing and late nights/early mornings. I identify with the image of the “lone” writer up at all hours hoping her fingers can type faster than the thoughts pouring from her mind.

    Write away!

  4. “The only sounds of seagulls and me, typing away, telling all of my secrets and dreams.”

    Ha! ha! I probably would have ended this tale with, “The only sounds were of seagulls and me. I’d be the one typing away, telling all of my secrets and dreams.”

    Actally, this could be a great story, too. While you were out, the bird was there, pecking away, turning out our next great novel for us. It’s about time they found a use for those pesky, noisy shorebirds. LOL

    Sorry, just had to do it. I couldn’t sleep either!

    Cheers, Don (The storyteller)

  5. Wendy-you are a woman after my own heart! Here I sit, at almost 1:30 in the morning, typing away on my computer when I really should be sleeping. Plus I’m at my cottage, and earlier tonight I sat on the deck with a glass of wine and my iPad for company, content. After supper I walked on the beach, searching for sea glass and thinking my thoughts. The only reason I came back to my cottage when I did was that darkness was quickly falling and I figured I’d break my neck down on the beach at night!
    Hope you get some sleep, though…and ‘happy writing’!

  6. I understand completely. I love writing too. Sleeping or awake I think of writing. It’s the kind of addiction I love. If I was rich I would have a cottage out in the woods with just nature and lots of trees with maybe a lake. Ahhhh I dream.

    • Off the subject, I just found a brilliant person on Twitter. You get mushy like me about your kids. You’ll love this. Check out @mydaughterstexts. Just love this concept. Have a good night, and thanks for the continued support. 🙂

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