What if you Were a Cat?

Is that a spider I see up there??

Article by Wendy McCance

Last night I was talking with my husband about the most random things.  We hit on a topic that, although strange, was actually kind of fascinating to ponder.  So, here’s the topic: What would the world be like if when you died, you came back as an animal?  What if you came back as an animal and you were put in the same situation as how you had treated an animal yourself?

Strange question, right?

So here are a couple of examples.  Let’s say that you were a hunter and came back as a deer.  Maybe you had a pet cat and you came back as a cat?  Basically you came back as the animal you interacted with the most, whether a pet or an animal in the wild.

Let’s say you came back as a deer and were hunted just as you used to hunt the deer.  Here’s another scenario.  Let’s say you had a cat that you treated like a member of the family.  The cat was loved and adored and treated extremely well.  You come back as a cat yourself and end up in a family where you are loved and adored and treated extremely well.

Here’s another twist.  Let’s say you are the cat.  You come back as a cat and have a wonderful family taking care of you.  Perhaps you are a cat that chases and kills mice.  When your life as a cat is over, you come back as a mouse.  You are a mouse that ends up in a home with a cat that is going to kill you.

So the cycle goes on and on and you come back over and over as smaller animals until there is nothing left to come back as.

Leave it to my overly imaginative mind to think this up.  It does make me wonder how the world might look at animals differently if this was truly what happened.

The whole idea is completely far-fetched, but, honestly do we really know it couldn’t happen?  I mean it’s not like an animal can give you the heads up and tell you that you might want to think about the way you are treating them because eventually it will be you in their position.

Anyway, just food for thought.  Maybe we will get a good discussion rolling off of this idea.  :)

Wendy McCance

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25 thoughts on “What if you Were a Cat?

  1. I’ve had seventeen dogs, three at a time, most of them rescued, and I always say I brought my children up like my dogs, and my dogs like my children. When the children left home they got quite cross at the way we spoilt our next set of dogs, saying we didn’t spoil them like that!
    For me it’s getting more and more difficult to kill anything, whether it’s daddy longlegs in the bathroom - they get re-homed….or snails in the garden… mosquitos, yes, but feeling guilty! Johnny Appleseed didn’t even kill mosquitos!
    Loved your posts, and the way you get us all thinking..

  2. Kind of a cute premise here Reminds me of the story of the motel client who calls room service complaining of a mouse problem. They send a cat to rid him of the mouse. Then the cat becomes the NEW nuisance yowling at night, and not allowing anyone to sleep. He complains and room service sends a dog to rid him of the cat. This scenario plays out, until they send an elephant, who crowds him out of his room. The final answer was another mouse to scare off the elephant and HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!

    I loved this line: “So the cycle goes on and on and you come back over and over as smaller animals until there is nothing left to come back as.” This is what the dad told his daughter when he had to make up a story why both fish were missing. (DEAD and flushed) “Oh, honey, it was just dreadful. The two fish got into a horrible fight, and they ended up eating each other up. End of story. She bought it Hook, Line, and Sinker (Sorry to end in a pun.)

    Cheers, Don (Greywolf)
    Native American Storyteller

  3. Yes, this is a farfetched assumption, however, were I to come back as an animal, I would discuss several options with the one in charge of this phenomenom, and would request to come back as an animal with the ability to change species at will. If I came back a a mouse, and a cat is chasing me, I would have the ability to change into a dog, ans so on, and so on. Blessings.

  4. I have a 100+ pound lab that sleeps on the couch all day, in our bed at night and has a head so big and heavy that you can’t help but obey when he bangs it into your leg until you rub his ears. He is treated like a BFF by our 6 year old, goes on car rides yet has to do no errands, and spends hours at the dog park where someone else (me!) cleans up his crap. I PRAY I come back as this dog after I die!

    Every once in a while we make him wear silly hats so we can take pictures, but I think that’s a fair trade for the life of luxury he leads, wouldn’t you agree?

  5. Hi Wendy, Excellent idea and the basis for many of my stories. I am working on one now about a man who was reborn as a pig.He returns to his girlfriends cottage only to discover she murdered him…to be contd. I touch on the theme of reincarnation in many of my stories please feel free to read them and offer a critique…

  6. You know there are religions that believe that to be true. As a result their of a living thing is entirely altered. I believe we should treat all life as precious. Just my Friday thoughts. :)

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