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Article by Wendy McCance

It’s the end of another year. As I sit here reflecting on how the year played out, I am feeling a bit nostalgic towards my husband. I feel so lucky to be married to such a great guy. I started thinking of the times he has to go out of town on business and what it is I miss the most while he is away. Taking out the garbage and cutting the lawn aside (just kidding….not really) I have put together a list of 25 things I miss when my husband is away.

  1.  Each morning my husband wakes before me (he has to get to work earlier than I have to get up). After my husband has finished getting dressed and before he leaves the bedroom, he kisses me on the head and tells me he loves me. Every Single Day!
  2. Hugs.
  3. Our evening wine walks.
  4. Every day, without fail, my husband will make me laugh.
  5. I love seeing how sweet he is with the cats. He is the one who feeds them each day and they like to sit on his lap.
  6. He will drop everything for the kids. He will drive them to a friend’s home, help them with homework and run an errand for them.
  7. The sneaky way he will whip up a batch of brownies without any of us noticing until we smell them baking.
  8. He will rub my feet whenever my legs cramp up.
  9. He is supportive of my writing. He tells me what he has enjoyed reading and acts as my unofficial editor when needed.
  10. Feeling content just having him by my side.
  11. Having the best time with him even if we are just watching TV together.
  12. His smile melts my heart.
  13. We have the best conversations with each other.
  14. Watching him watch The Simpsons or Family Guy and seeing the amused look he gets on his face.
  15. The sense of safety and security I feel when my husband is around.
  16. Watching my husband and son playing video games together and cracking each other up while they play.
  17. Sometimes on Sunday’s, he’ll get the Sunday paper and make the best pancakes.
  18. The way he comforts me when I am scared or feel burnt out or am sad or worried.
  19. When he picks up some wine on his way home so we can sit on the porch drinking wine, talking and enjoying the evening.
  20. The person my husband is. He is just my perfect fit and I miss him when he isn’t around.

Wendy McCance

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2 thoughts on “20 Times I Miss My Husband

  1. Tim never leaves for work without giving me a kiss, if I try to give him a kiss before I leave the house he wakes with a fright and snaps at me which is why I usually don’t give him a kiss if he is asleep when I leave the house.

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