The Dangers of Leadership

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Article by Wendy McCance

I’ve been seeing a trend evolving and it shakes me to my core. People losing themselves and looking to others to guide them. Hell, not just guide them, but basically take over their thinking for them. What is going on in society that so many people are so lost in their own lives? I just can’t make sense of it. What frightens me most is that there are people ready to lead these lost souls. People who might feel drunk with power and take advantage of those who are looking for someone to show them the way.

I have no problem digging deep and expressing myself. I don’t hold back when asked how I feel. I share freely and openly and am happy to provide support and give advice when asked. But, I am aware of the dangers of advice giving. I understand that some people are stressed to the point where they aren’t able to make the best decisions. I know that my voice is just one opinion and that opinion might not be suitable for all. I understand that people are vulnerable when they are facing hard times and I tread as gently as possible.

I have backed off several times when friends have become too reliant on my opinions. It scares me when people stop looking inward to take care of their problems and instead rely on another to guide them down a path. What if I was a cruel person with bad intentions? This is how people get scammed or worse.

I worry because I am seeing so many people throwing up their hands and just giving in. Hoping someone will come along to make all of their decisions for them. What is going on in this world that thinking for yourself and taking care of your own needs is too difficult? Why are so many people more than happy to allow someone else to take over their thoughts for them? I feel powerless to snap these people back into reality. I wish I could place them back on the path they have stumbled so far from, give them a little push with encouragement that everything will be okay and set them on their way to figure it out on their own.

It seems that now more than ever a few people are able to yield power over the masses. Share a personal story, expose a shred of your soul (or the illusion that you are sharing something deep) or hell, just say what you think people want to hear and the masses come running. I am all for community and support of one another, but I will turn harshly away from ever being the person that people believe knows it all, because I don’t. No one knows everything. If I am able to say something that resonates with you, I am thrilled. It’s great to be able to connect and feel a bond created by similar thoughts, experiences or ideals.

In this new year, I hope you are strong enough to bravely put forth your own independence. I hope you express your differences instead of running to find others sharing your similarities. I hope you are bold and challenge questions you may have. I hope you are open to new ideas. But, ultimately in the end I hope you choose a path that fits YOU best and not the one laid out by others.

Wendy McCance

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