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My distinguished husband and me when I was coloring my hair from a bottle.


Article by Wendy McCance

The other day I was at the hairdresser. I had given in. For a few years I gave up expensive hair coloring for a bottle bought at the drugstore. I just cringed at the thought of chasing away the expanse of gray hair that was invading my scalp with expensive trips to the salon.

But, unfortunately, the gray won and did a massive takeover on my head. Little by little my natural color had diminished. The upkeep had gotten to be too much. So, I went back to my favorite hairdresser (thank goodness she was still working and at the same salon to boot!).

By the time the appointment had been made, my hair was a mess. Touching up gray roots is challenging. You are working with the area you want to color, but you have to try not to touch any other hair because it will turn that hair even darker. This will give you a very unpleasant tri-colored effect if you mess up this step (which I invariably always did). I had areas of hair up front along the side of my face that were nearly black. The ends and back of my hair were a much lighter brown, gray hair that got colored became a brassy red. It wasn’t pretty and the gray always seemed to be sneaking its way back in like weeds you can’t manage in an otherwise nice looking yard.

The upside to paying a hair magician (because honestly that’s what my hairdresser is) to hide my gray was worth it. Looking back at me in the mirror was a woman I hadn’t seen in years. She had shiny hair in a rich brown color and, a sprinkle of youth had even been tossed in. Yep, getting my hair colored properly actually made me look more youthful and my hair, healthy.

After leaving the salon, I spent the rest of the day approving my look in the mirror and glowing as I got compliments from the family. I only took a moment to consider if my family loved the look or if they were simply relieved to have the scary hair gone. Not a place I decided to dwell.

As a woman gets older, the efforts that are made to retain a decent look without spending a fortune to do it is quite a balancing act. There are lotions and potions and makeup and toning and coloring and tightening which is enough to spin your head out of control. And yet, my husband can walk by with a sprinkle of gray in his beard and look more distinguished and attractive than he did when I first met him. Just saying, it feels a little unfair!

Wendy McCance

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10 thoughts on “The Challenges of Being an Older Woman

  1. God bless you, Wendy, but, for me, I gave trying to keep up with that years ago. I tried it once coloring my hair from an over-the-counter product and in a day my hair was dull and in a few days it was growing out already. I can see how a salon visit or a new do can make me feel better (and it does when I go in for a cut) but would rather choose the natural look (which turns out to be a lot of white/gray).

    I guess it’s been one of those things that I’ve felt is high maintenance along with nails. I have to admit I get taken back a bit these days when I catch the white glow of my head in a window reflection (haha). These days, it’s hard enough for me to just keep up with routine doctor’s visits. 🙂

  2. 🙂 Youth is wasted on the young, they say. But wisdom and understanding can be a great trade-off… Hmmmm., only time will tell.

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