Do You Live in the Moment or is it Passing You By?

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Article by Wendy McCance

I was watching television the other day with my husband.  The news was on and we watched President Obama getting off a plane and greeting the people who had been given access to briefly meet him.  The president walked up to the crowd and began shaking hands and speaking with whoever was standing in front of him.  Throughout the crowd, everyone had their phones up in the air videotaping the moment or taking his picture.

My husband and I began to talk about all of the people making sure they got a shot of this moment to hang onto long after the meet and greet ended.  What blew my mind though was a man in the crowd who was right up in front face to face with the president.  The president stopped in front of him to say hello with not enough room between them for another individual to slide in between them.  This man instead of really taking in this incredible moment where he could shake hands and speak one on one with the president did the unthinkable.  He put his phone up at face level with the president and took pictures while the president attempted to speak directly with him.

My husband and I were appalled.  I understand wanting to save each moment digitally.  I understand this was a once in a lifetime event.  I also understand that the man was so concerned with preserving the moment on film that he blew his chance to live in the moment.  What kind of memories would he have had if he had just talked with the president?  What might they have said to each other?  As it was, the president tried about two sentences worth of conversation with this guy, realized the guy was too oblivious to even stop what he was doing and talk, and the president moved on.  This guy could have taken pictures of the president while he went on to the next person if he wanted to “save the moment,” but what he did was to prevent himself from really experiencing something amazing.

Have you ever had an experience where you blew it?  Did you catch yourself afterwards regretting that you didn’t just soak it in, this experience you were having?  I hope that with all of the cool techy gadgets and opportunities to “save the moment” that you don’t rip yourself off from truly enjoy what has been set before you.

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9 thoughts on “Do You Live in the Moment or is it Passing You By?

  1. My husband and I are always surprised when we are out to diner and we see people texting and not talking to the people across the table from them. We are guilty of the other end when we did not bring a camera on important occasions. Right now I am trying to treasure the fact that both of my grown children live close because I know that may not always be true.

    • Hi Dana, I am so glad you are enjoying the blog.  I completely agree about people texting when out together.  There are days that I really miss the easy pace before all of the tech items where you actually communicated when out together instead of just sitting next to each other.


  2. I used to tape all of my daughters perfomances at school, or dance class, but rarely watched them again. Unfortunately, it took me several years of taping, before I finally came to the realization that I was not seeing my kids enjoy themselves. I was so busy trying to get close ups of them, that I was also missing out on seeing the show itself. Once I decided to put down the camcorder, I finally saw the show from my kid’s perspective & could live in the moment with them…

  3. I believe this is an age old problem. The gadgets are a prop not the problem. We are so involved with making sure we are ready for tomorrow we miss the now.

    For me it is the little things that happen everyday. I will look back and wonder why I didn’t enjoy them while they were happening. When I am able to do that, it is amazing what I see, hear and feel. 🙂

    • I swear, I could see the day where there is no such thing as human interaction. Everyone would live their lives out of their home and getting together would just be done by Skype.

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