Encouragement, Hope and Inspiration

Guest Post by Gina Quarles

I am recovering from a near-death auto accident back in January
2012. After my accident, I had to work out many of my feelings along
with many plans being suddenly interrupted. I went to what I could do
and that was was my writing. Most of my writings from the early days
can be found within my journal entries category and are located on my
website at www.ginaquarles.com -“Encouragement, Hope & Inspiration”.

Writing provides me with a healthy escape, including a creative outlet
for expressing myself, and at the same time spreading kindness and
some encouragement to the rest of the world. The rewards from doing
that are what fuel my passion for writing. I express my faith and I
believe I was spared for a reason. That reason being, that I was given
a second chance at life and due to that, I feel it is now my job to
share my personal testimony.

Many unexpected doors began to open for
me in ways I would have never imagined. When you endure the agony of wearing a Halo for several months, I used my GOD given gift that
previously went dormant for many years. I can now report that this is
the path I will stay on. I offer non tangible things to our world. I
offer a value that cannot be purchased. It can only be felt. I know it
comes from my creator and it is my job to share it with others. I am
nothing but a conduit who was blessed enough to be used:).

I write for healing purposes and pleasure. It is mainly through that process that
I find myself caring about more and more about the non-tangible things of this life. My passion lies within encouraging others, and sharing
inspiration and hope. That is the main theme of my website. The
accident changed my perception of life. Along within it, I mention
many movements I respect that do the same.

I first discovered my passion for writing back in the late 90’s after
the birth of my first child. I had always worked since my twenties and
staying at home was brand new for me.

I have published articles on the web back in the 2000’s. Some were on Momscape.com. They were under “Thoughts from our readers” under the articles, “A Mother’s Epiphany”, “Towards Compassion: Understanding the Pressures on Your Husband”, “Serenity Now!” and “Mother Matters: Affirming a Mother’s Role.”

I have published poetry works in the Library of Congress edition,
“Echoes of the Century” by Pen Publisher and poetry in a local
Northwest publication, “Spiral Journey” located in the Pacific

I was forced to take a break from pursuing my bachelor’s
degree in Education due to my accident and ongoing recovery. I am a
stay-at-home mom and writing once again:).

I am one of 7 winners of Wendy McCance’s contest at Searching for the Happiness Blogger Awards for 2013 for top blogs that Inspire and top blogger sites!!  Most recently, I received the “Sunshine Award”  some of my poetry . This
award is given to people who share sunshine with others.:) please
visit http://dragonplume.wordpress.com

It may sound strange, but I would not trade any of what happened to me for anything. At first, I viewed it as my worst nightmare. Now,I can clearly see the reason for all of this. Even after a year and a half, I view my experience as blessings and a discovery of new gifts that I would not have received previously.  I now view my life through a much clearer lens and perspective.

My book is being published re: my near death accident, and surviving
and some close to death experiences  as well when I had all odds
against me. The name of my book is, “The Accidental Purpose”. It
discusses my recovery, life before that life altering night, after and
my most private thoughts during all of this to date.

My accident was the same as Mr. Christopher Reeve’s along with a broken leg that was
saved. My manuscript is currently in the hands of a editor, publisher
and my story will be on the shelves to share this summer 2013:). I
cannot wait

My hope for this book is that it will change your perspective on life and hopefully give you some tools for anything you are enduring or have conquered in this life. I believe I was spared for a reason and that would be to share my story of hope with others.

I love receiving feedback and appreciate comments. That is what
gives more of an idea of what issues our world needs. I do my best to
address them only from my experience and personal stories of what has
kept me going along with some hope and encouragement to press on with and share with all of you. If you would like to submit and article that fits the theme of my site, feel free to email me at: [email protected] and plug your work.

Bio: Gina Quarles-Author/freelance writer at www.ginaquarles.com,
series author@ http://www.creativity-portal.com



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  2. Gina, yours is an amzing story. Isn’t it funny who through adversity we are shown the way. It as if we aren’t paying attentions and wham we are put into a position where we have no choice. In all that you have gone through, I truly believe you will exceed your highest expectations. All the best.

  3. I had read a little about Gina on her site but didn’t realize the extent and seriousness of her accident until now. I admire her courage and strength. I’m happy she is still with us to inspire and give us hope — God’s gift.

    I look forward to her book coming out and learning more about her thoughts and experience.

    Thank you Wendy for sharing her with us.

  4. Gina, your journey is remarkable and how you chose to honor God through your healing is an inspiration for all. Best of luck as you continue on your journey of fulfillment, love and hope…

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