Why I Look Forward to the Winter Months, But Only Until January!

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Article by Wendy McCance

I am not a fan of winter.  Fall, spring, summer, I love them all, but winter is cold and dark and uncomfortable.  The funny thing is that for the first few months of winter, I love it, embrace it and cherish the memories it brings.

Maybe it’s the holidays that put me in the right mood.  I mean it is kind of genius that we get more parties and visits with those we rarely have time to see other times of the year.  Catching up and slowing down.  Sitting around playing board games or cooking as a family.  For a few short months, any activity becomes special and memorable.  Yep, to start the cold season with good food, lovely decorations, love and laughter makes the bleakness of the season not seem so bad.

The reason I like the winter is because it gives me the chance to slow down and enjoy quieter times.  This is the time of year I will attempt to do some real cooking.  I stock up on books and most likely will have one in my hand, on the table next to the sofa or even in my purse at all times.  I become that person who can eat up books two or three at a time.

The colder months mean that the family is around more.  When the beautiful weather isn’t calling you out into the world, I get to spend more time with my family.  There’s nothing like a roaring fire, food in a crock pot and a good movie on the television to make the whole family feel warm and cozy.

I do enjoy when it’s too cold to go outside and the snowdrifts are high enough that you are snowed in.  Yeah, it’s all great, but by February, I’m waving the white flag of surrender.  I would say that February and March are the toughest months to get through for me.  I am now feeling housebound, the roaring fire becomes just another source of heat, I have had enough tea to last me a lifetime and I’m ready to toss the crock pot out the door.

I get burnt out and begin counting the days before the sun is shining brightly and I can take a bike ride.  Making meals has gotten old and I am looking forward to my husband cooking on the grill.  The kids are too jumpy and need some exercise, preferably at someone else’s home.

But, why get ahead of my self.  Aw winter with your lovely Thanksgiving, festive religious holidays and a drunken New Year.  Do you think we ring in the New Year sloshed so we don’t cry about the boredom we are about to face for the next few months until spring arrives?  I mean, if there wasn’t one last party where we could hoot and holler and drink and dance, would we be rioting in the street realizing what was in store for us?  You have to admit, New Years Day is always the most sobering and depressing day of the year.  The good times are behind us and the work of survival begins.  Did you know I look forward to Spring…?

Wendy McCance

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2 thoughts on “Why I Look Forward to the Winter Months, But Only Until January!

  1. As someone who grew up and lived in Wisconsin for over 60 years, I grew to hate Winter more and more each year. As a business owner, it seemed that I spent more time plowing snow and dealing with other aspects of winter, than running the business.

    My/Our goal was to move to a warmer place, which we achieved a just over 7 years ago when we move to East Tennessee. Yes it does get somewhat cold for a few days and nights, most in the teens or 20’s at night, and then warms back up into at least the 30’s during those cold spells. That we can take for a short time as compared to a typical WI winter that seemed like it lasted from Nov-May. Our normal January & February Temps are 48 high & 28 Low. By mid March it is warming back up and the Trees are budding out, including all the beautiful flowering trees and bushes. Yes we do get an inch or 2 of snow once an awhile, that usually melts the next day…Spring comes early as to what we encountered in the Midwest, Summers are longer and not that much hotter than the Midwest, and nice warm fall weather can last through most of Nov. We have found that East Tennessee is a nice Balance, and love living here.

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