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Article by Wendy McCance

I was recently invited to try out a few organic products by the Kroger’s family organic brand, Simple Truth Organics.  I received a box in the mail which contained Sweet Nut Cluster and Flake Granola, Low Sodium Popcorn and Simple Truth Electrolyte Water in Tropical Mango.

When my family saw what was in the box, they were all game to try everything out as well.  I figured having 3 kids involved in sampling the products would make for a more complete analysis of the products.  With 2 kids in middle school and one kid in college, my kids have very definite opinions of what they like.  What made trying out these items perfect for us was the fact that we are all health nuts who try to eat right and buy organic products quite often.

The first thing that the kids gravitated towards was the flavored water.  It was a unanimous thumbs up.  Our family loves flavored water and we tend to buy it more often than those calorie and sugar filled juices.  The water is fizzy and has a very nice flavor to it.  What made this flavored water stand out compared with other flavored waters on the market was that it wasn’t overly sweet and syrupy.  We all agreed that the slight aftertaste of fruit was perfect.  Not overpowering at all.  We will definitely stock up on this flavored water.

Later that night, we opened the popcorn and watched a movie.  The popcorn, which is a low sodium variety was really good.  I didn’t miss the extra salt.  The popcorn was fresh and not riddled with kernels.  The aftertaste had a mild hint of salt which our family enjoys, but you might be disappointed if you are bent on popcorn full of buttery and salty flavors.

The following morning, we opened up the granola cereal.  The texture and flavors were very tasty.  The family wasn’t over the top in love with the granola, but they would eat it again.  Personally, I loved eating a granola cereal that I wasn’t afraid of chipping a tooth on.  The combination of flakes and granola is much gentler on teeth than the granola clusters you find in other cereals.  I was disappointed when I read the ingredients. and saw all of the sugar.  There is milled cane sugar and honey and honestly although granola tends to have a lot of sugar, I am always on the lookout for a granola that doesn’t have as much.

The most positive thing about these products is that they are non GMO items. I was thrilled when I did a little research and found out that Kroger makes sure that all of their organic foods have no GMO’s in them.

If you are interested in staying away from GMO products, here is a great list of items to stock up on.

Overall, our family had a wonderful experience with Kroger’s organic brand, Simple Truth.  The items taste great and the prices are significantly less than some of the more popular organic brands.

Wendy McCance

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  1. Awesome. Wish I had a Kroger near me!

    I’m a huge fan of Nature’s Path from Vancouver. Their products are even available in bulk, so I always grab their cereal when shopping at BJ’s Wholesale. And their Pop-Tarts-like snacks are sooo much better than the original.

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