Soothe Your Baby and Put a Smile on Your Face

Article by Wendy McCance
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I was given an opportunity to do a product review on the Mustachifier.  There are so many babies in the extended family as well as friends with little ones that I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

When the Mustachifier showed up in the mail, I showed my own kids what I would be doing a product review on.  Lets just say that the kids had a tug of war with this unique item.  Each kid wanted to give it to a different baby or at least show their friends.

It’s funny how the kids started naming different little ones they knew, trying to decide who would be the fun to give this unique gift to.  We received the Gentleman Mustachifier.  The whole family loved that their were different Mustacifiers to choose from and that they all evoked a different personality type.

The family got the opportunity to test out the Mustacifier on one of the babies in the family at a family reunion.  The whole family couldn’t get enough of this gift.  Everyone thought it was funny and people were naming off all of the kids they knew that they would love to give the pacifier to.

In the middle of all of this commotion sat a baby, Mustacifier intact without a clue as to how cute and silly he looked with the pacifier in his mouth.  It was really quite hysterical. Around the baby were a few very small children who kept pulling out the pacifier to try it out themselves.  The Mustacifier was a hit!

I wish these pacifiers had been around when my own kids were little.  I can only imagine how the older kids would have enjoyed seeing their younger brother or sister with the Mustacifier in their mouth.

This year has been a big year for the emergence of the mustache.  It’s a huge trend right now and one my kids mention often.  At a recent wedding, the entire bridal party wore fake mustaches for a picture.  One of my children has even been to a party with a mustache theme.

With mustaches trending so high, what a cool baby gift for a hipster baby as a birthday gift for the little one you know.

Disclaimer: This has been a paid product review for the Mustacifier by the company FCTRY at  All information expressed in this article is  the opinion of this website.  Searching for the Happiness is not responsible for the accuracy of any information supplied in this product review.  For more information about Mustacifiers, please go to the company’s website at:


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