The Magic of a Feather

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Article by Wendy McCance

The world is full of magic and mystery. Who am I to guess what makes sense and what doesn’t? I take on the world with an attitude of acceptance. I hold on to a childlike optimism that anything is possible, even when some things seem impossible.

For years now, I have (on occasion) seen a white feather when facing extreme doubt or anxiety. On a few lucky occasions, I have seen a white feather when I have no concerns whatsoever. What does it all mean? Well, when I have concerns or anxiety and see a white feather, I trust that I am on the right path and continue on the way I have been going. It feels as though an angel is watching over me, letting me know that, yes I am going about something in the right way and that I am protected. When I see a feather and I have nothing stressing me out, it seems I am about to have some sort of luck.

I know this sounds odd and many years ago if someone had said all of this to me, I would have been a little more than a bit skeptical about the whole matter. What makes this situation rather fascinating is that my husband has witnessed seeing white feathers with me several times and has seen the same types of outcomes play out. One of the craziest memories was a time when I was sitting on the sofa with my husband having a talk about our relationship when a white feather floated down right between where me and my husband sat. It surprised both of us, but we both had the same reaction, that this was the relationship we both needed to be in (but, that’s a story for another day).

I have so many stories I can share about times a white feather was seen that by now, I just accept the whole situation without question. I just get a feeling of happiness and security each time one is found.

Yesterday was one such occasion. I had gone into the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for work. I was sitting on the toilet before getting in the shower and as I sat there, something floated down and landed on my shirt. I looked down to see what had fallen and realized that what I picked off my shirt was a white feather. I was sitting still, no air was moving and I was in the bathroom (where would a feather even come from?). It was small. About the size of the pin portion of a thumb tack, very white in color and very full in shape (actually, quite pretty). I racked my brain trying to figure out why I saw a feather. I had no concerns and I wasn’t feeling anxious. Maybe, it would be a day filled with luck. It was an exciting way to start the day.

I have been doing some work up at our club as a fill-in manager and yesterday was my last day working for the season. It was a good day. The employees were reminiscing about the summer and everyone was talking about missing everyone else. Everyone was in a good mood and the day was easy and very pleasant. In the middle of my shift, I got a call on my cell phone. A man I had never spoken to or whose name I had never heard of was calling to let me know I got a job working with a publisher. I had been working on getting this opportunity for a few months. I would be doing the social media for a popular movie that was turned into a book and now a producer/director from Hollywood was making it into an audio book.

The person on the phone has their own independent record label and also does crowdfunding campaigns (mainly for musicians). We would be working together on this project. As we spoke, we also discussed my qualifications and a possibility for me to do some work outside of this project with his company.

Now you have to understand, the two areas I have been focusing on and hoping beyond hope to get some business was within the publishing and music industries. And, here I was getting an opportunity to possibly work in both areas. I was beyond excited. The call came out of nowhere. I wasn’t expecting anything like this. All I could think about was that I saw a feather earlier in the day and the feather was indeed bringing me good luck.

I began to see a pattern emerge. Later in the evening, I got an email from a company looking to do a sponsored post on my blog and just the day before, I had received an email asking for pricing on two assignments that had been in discussions. Money was also the theme at work where I was doing fill-in work. I was asked if I would be interested in a much bigger position for the following year. It seemed that as one source of income was ending, others were picking right up.

In evaluating my week and all of the possibilities that were swirling around I felt as though the feather not only gave me some luck, but gave me clarity. I felt grateful.

Sometimes a lot is happening in your life, but you don’t notice all of the good around you or all of the possibilities that exist. That feather helped me to slow down and absorb all that was presenting itself. I refocused and have a much better sense of direction as I head into the school year.

I can’t explain the feathers, I only know that good things happen when I see them. Who knows if there is really a definite connection or if my mind is creating a positive reaction when I see them. No matter what, for me, it’s wonderful to see them and very comforting. I don’t question it, I just take it as a positive sign.

Have you ever had an experience like this? One that felt full of magic and things you can’t explain? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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