The Power of Authenticity

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Article by Wendy McCance

What type of person are you drawn towards? Have you ever stopped to ponder this? What type of person excites you? Brings out the best in you? Inspires you? Gets you thinking in a whole new way?

What is it about the power of authenticity that makes a veritable person appear to be such a rock star? A person who can captivate others with their very presence? Why is it so difficult for the average person to let their soul dangle from their sleeve with no worries about exposing who they are? There are no apologies and no need for superficial conversations in those comfortable living within their own vulnerabilities. They are who they are and it fascinates.

I am drawn to the creative, the philosophical and the out of the box thinkers. I want to have thought-provoking conversations and tap into the minds of those who are willing to remain uncomfortably exposed. I am fascinated with the spin on the world that others see. I am intrigued at how they exist from day-to-day. I want to expand and explore and learn as much as I can in this small life I have.

I wonder, is this just my interpretation? A thought coming from a creative person who, like other creatives, likes to explore self-expression and who has no problem peeling back the layers of trivial outward images?

So I’m intrigued, what type of person excites you? Does authenticity stand high on your list of people you are eager to engage with? Leave a comment and share your own thoughts on the subject. I’d love to know what you think.


Wendy McCance

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7 thoughts on “The Power of Authenticity

  1. Yes, I am intrigued with these types of people, Wendy, and love an evening where we can sit down and talk the whole night through. My mother-in-law was one of these people and I miss her dearly. Whenever they would come to visit, her and I would look forward to bedtime when the rest of the household would go to bed and we would settle in for a night of talking. I loved it and we poured our souls out to one another.

    I think there are a lot of those out there who would love serendipitous times to opening talk and share their hearts with someone they trust. There’s healing, love, learning and a lot of growth in those times, which make them special. When they happen, you come away from the experience a different person.

    Thank you for tagging me on Facebook, Wendy, with this post. You’re real and authentic for having had these thoughts and writing about it. God bless and take care. Love and hugs. xxoo

  2. I have never thought about what type of people I am drawn to, I really don’t know, I could think about it but let’s be honest here in a few minutes my mind will drift and I will no longer remember what I was thinking about.

  3. Hi Wendy! I agree that authenticity makes a person much more interesting and “desirable.” I don’t have much patience with people who are fake or superficial. I think I appreciate people who are curious and always learning new things-that usually hits my hot button-but you’re so right about them also needing to be authentic. Other than that, compassionate and caring (but not martyred) are also high on the list. Thanks for asking such a provocative question. ~Kathy

    • Kathy, I totally agree!! The fake person always makes me feel like I am involved with a boring game I didn’t sign up to play and want to exit from immediately. My favorite are the curious. They always create the best discussions. Happy Holidays to you. Hope they are very enjoyable. 🙂

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